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MEGAS Arrive! Hitting toy/specialty retailers starting this week, already available as a pre-order from some, coming to DZ soon! Here's a master thread to discuss various places to buy / deals / shipping discounts etc instead of ending up with multiple discussions.
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1 Mega + shipping in the USA = $84.99 from dekorner
For $70 it better be able to do something special, like open its chest up and do the update thing with the spinning blue thingy! 
I share your pain +Olivier Jobert , shipping to Canada is also quite expensive. I am fortunate to have a couple options though,
+Olivier Jobert yes I know you started but that is a big old link for one retailer, so I thought a more neutral thread was in order!
We have been waiting for sooo long, and +Rick C keeps rubbing it in to everyone, it feels longer then lol


It will be sweet to start seeing mega customs be released soon when artist get their hands on them.
No problem +Andrew Bell ;)

If possible I would order a doodled/signed green mega from you. Please let me know if possible ;) 
I don't always buy Android Collectibles but when I do I only buy from +Dead Zebra, Inc ....
....just kidding, I always buy Android Collectibles
My link is updated with several vendors, so no favoritism:-D
+Tasha Zimich ok so same treatment...

I don't understand why it's so expensive to ship to Canada because it's near the USA
I can't wait to see the first professional DIY version. 
When does series 1 of the Mega's come out  :)
As much as I love android.... I can't justify spending that much. At least not right now.
Mega Androids ! new chapter begins ...
<initiates encroachment plan to take over another room in the house>
+Olivier Jobert ya its a rip off sometimes to ship to Canada. I ship to my U.S mailbox most of the time.
Dammit wallet, quit your complaining! My bar needs this as a mascot.
+Olivier Jobert I think Canada Post shakes down USPS for all the shipping and its lunch money when they hand the package off at the border.

I'm looking forward to what I get to paint on Mega :)
Canada Post has to charge more so it can feed the gorillas it hires to jump up and down on the boxes, and to pay all the employees who dunk the packages into the lakes and rivers.
Just watch, some ret**d is going to get their hands on some early and try to sell them on ebay for $100.
Please tell me which shop shows the best price including international shipping !?
Oh Drat! +Peter Shurr, I was at +myplasticheart Yesterday and Vincint didn't say anything about the Mega Androids ! !! I would have picked one up. Arrrggghh. . .
Thanks +Typo Pl , I went with +Vinyl Riot free domestic shipping to a postal receiving outlet we'll drive to. Though when it comes to non commission diys I'm probably getting green edition from Deadzebra lol
+Rob Szarek What Andrew said :) We won't have them in store until next week.
Typo Pl
+Zacharie LOIRE thanks, i guess that's what you get for using cookie-cutter ecommerce code. Just checked shipping cost to the UK - still US$15. I sense a shipping reprice for this item.
Thanks, +Andrew Bell, again my luck with timing !! I miss it by a week. Here's hoping shipping and Canada Post's so called brokerage and handling doesn't break the bank.
Yes maybe the good way is to wait a little bit to find a good deal for shipping, because it kill non US residents ;) 
Any word on how "strong" the antennas are on the big guys?
+Anthony Gordano  yes as +Christopher Avalos  mentions, they are molded as part of the head and don't come off like the minis. Maybe a tiny harder to customize, but worth it because they won't break as easily :)
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