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Mobile PC Repair Tech
Mobile PC Repair Tech

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Client had me use a key he purchased online to activate his computer. Anyone know how legit these are?

Is there a reason I'm not getting the daily notifications like I have set in the settings? Also is it possible to change the time of day the notifications come? Mine seem to come at 6pm. I'd rather deal with it during my day. 

Love the update for Google+ today!

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Finally got a case for my #RPi

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My first review on Yelp is a 5-star review! 

I've used Cinnamon-flavored Linux distro but not MATE. What does everyone think of MATE? Is it any better? Thanks to +Stephen McLaughlin, I'm installing SolusOS tonight. 

So I'm really terrible about posting on my business page but religiously post on Facebook. I've looked for an iOS tool to cross-post on Facebook, Twitter & Google+ but it seems it's not allowed. Am I missing something? Are there any experts that have some advice? 

Loving this weather and that I can finally wear a couple of new pair of shoes without worrying about salt and sand. 

Thanks, Eric! 

I need an #accountant for my #smallbiz in #Topeka. Anyone know of a good one?
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