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Did you hear that we've cured cancer? Yeah, me neither. But there's a ton of great research being done and some say we're so close to finding a cure! That's why in a few hours I'm walking for my mother- / father-in-law, both survivors of this terrible disease, to raise awareness of the fight against cancer.

Please consider donating, any amount will help. Will you help? Thank you.

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This is awesome! Love my Roku 3.

With today's news that the Nexus 7 (2012) will get Lollipop, I'm thinking of taking my Nexus 7s and turning them into my kid's gaming devices once I upgrade to 5.0. I don't really use them that much any more, and currently I have both tablets with mostly games, but with my other apps precariously accessible.

Are there any good practices when setting up devices for kids, any tricks, etc? Is it worth it to create separate accounts for them vs profiles? Profiles run like ass when tried them before on my N7, grinding the thing to a halt. I have all the games purchased through my account, and I don't want to purchase them again.

What I've done:
- password protected the play store
- content filtering on Chrome and play store
- removed all core apps from home screen
- Disabled some apps
- Haven't signed in to some of the services/linked accounts

But I still get the uneasy feeling that they can screw something up accidentally (my youngest loves to peruse through the photo gallery, for example). 

I really wish Google would do something solid in this camp, sort of like ChromeOS managed accounts, but with more default options for parental controls. 

What has been your experience? Any guides you can point me to? Thanks!

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Hey, who's that handsome fellow doing mime?!

With the last wave of codes done, are there any other ways of getting in to I/O? I'm still definitely interested in going and would love a chance to participate.

What are the odds that someone will send me an invite code to attend Google I/O? That would be swell.

#io14 #GoogleIO2014

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Reminder, Saturday is the Champions Final. For those of you in Chicago, you can watch at 1:45 CST on Fox.
#APorLaDécima !
VIDEO- This is how the First European Cup was won... #APorLaDécima

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I'm ready.
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