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I'm talking out loud again aren't I?
I'm talking out loud again aren't I?

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+Bill Nye ‏@TheScienceGuy 
Making my "Dj debut" with my new friends in @themowglis music video. Coming to a computer screen near you soon...

With his hands in the air like he jus' don' care.
Bill Nye the DJ Guy.



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Please help out in every way possible folks. Let's get Derrick home.
On Monday, three American students were arrested and detained in Cairo.

One of them, Derrik Sweeney, is the brother of 20sb member Nicole Sweeney. She’s been Featured Blogger and is very active on the boards.

She’s also a very close IRL friend of a number of our bloggers.

We realize the circumstances of Derrik’s arrest are controversial, but the situation in Egypt is frighteningly opaque and unpredictable, so our feeing is that Nicole’s family deserves our support.

How You Can Help

The primary concern seems to be that the boys haven’t been allowed to contact anyone; Nicole’s family hasn’t spoken to their son.

We think this is one of those unique circumstances in which the social media can lend a hand in spreading awareness.

Let your readers know what’s happening, or drop a comment on Nicole’s blog or 20SB profile. Comment on this post.

If you’re on twitter use the following hashtag to spread the word:


Know Someone?

If you know someone or have a connection to someone in Cairo or the State Department, please contact Nicole directly:

nicole [at] sweeneysays [dot] com

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