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I'm sorry, but two aluminium tripod ball heads for $70? China, you are my new best friend. Can't wait for the rest of my gear to arrive. Some of this stuff will be made of carbon fiber, which automatically adds 10 horsepower to everything, including your camera!

These ball heads are un-branded, but came in an Induro box, hmm...? I got two because that's just how many they sold at once. I've never had a ball head before, but they feel very smooth and solid with the camera mounted. Major upgrade over the $30 plastic thing that is now in pieces on my garage floor.
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Hey Andres, l'm looking for a similar head, do you remember which seller it was? 
Thanks the to magic of gmail search, I found that I got them from hkyongnuophotoequipment on ebay. Yong Gnuo has a bunch of cool stuff thanks cheap and will break/not work, but will at least get you trying stuff you might not have otherwise.
hey thanks for you quick response. I'll check on Tong. 
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