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Reminiscing of School

Looking back to all those years in School, I still clearly remember the joy whenever School was closed or I was sick or there was a strike..

The best memories are actually from missing school.

Why would anyone want their children to go through that, is beyond me. Then again, something about greener grass..

I hope to find a strong support network so my kids can be duly home schooled..

Little-Known Fact:
8-hour day school
5 days a week
40 weeks per school year
12 years of schooling
19200 hours -> 800 days -> 2 years, 2 months and 10 days

That is the amount of uninterrupted time you are missing with your child by sending your child to school. Or the amount of time they are missing with their parents.

How can we complain that they 'grow up so fast' when we deliberately give up all that time?

Those that have lost a child or a parent.. Don't you wish you could have some extra time with them?
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+Keith Tengberg gotta ask: how did you come across such an old post?

Either way I think it's great, because a lot of good stuff keeps getting buried because no Beacons redistribute it..
You've got a ton of them listed as "posts you recommend"... Interesting stuff
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