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Cristiano without luck ...
Portugal - Austria 0:0

Cristiano Ronaldo misses a PK and many more chances. Almer (GK) man of the match!

Watch all the highlights of the game here: 

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Excited to be part of +TechStars Berlin Class 2016. Exciting times ahead!

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With the number of apps that you’ve probably installed in your phone, more than likely you’ve neglected to open some of them. And one of the apps that has probably suffered is your news app, which is a shame since that should be one of the more important…

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Excited to announce the newest version of TapDeck. With TapDeck 4.0 your wallpaper is gonna be transformed into a beautiful and interesting magazine.

Read the blog post for more info about the newest features and an updated statement on our vision.

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Like to be inspired once in a while?

We have integrated the most requested feature into TapDeck: Recurring Wallpaper Changes

With today´s update you can set your wallpaper to change automatically every 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours.

Hi testers!

We've uploaded a new version of the TapDeck app to the beta channel and it should be available to all of you in a few hours. The new version contains a feature many of you have requested: Recurring wallpaper changes.

How this works is super simple: Set a time span and TapDeck changes the wallpaper after that specific time span automatically for you. If you like to change the time span, just go to the settings and change it there.

That's it. Have fun using it!

Hey beta users,

thank you for being onboard with us. In the past, we released new app updates directly to all of our users so that new features were usable for all immediately.

This time however, we release an app update specific for the beta group. This update includes optimization of the the RAM and the disk storage usage, specifically how wallpaper are handled in memory and how wallpapers are stored on the disk.

Also, some users reported black bars in portrait mode after an orientation change. This update should also fix this issue.

We would like to ask you to report bugs here as soon as you discover them. 

Keep in mind: The APK is uploaded to Google Play but it takes a few hours until the updated APK is available in the Google Play store world wide.

Thanks a lot and have a nice week!

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