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Andreas Steude
Working for justice by day... building cool toys by night.
Working for justice by day... building cool toys by night.

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This is the sort of fun that can be had for FREE at a Habitat for Humanity DeConstruction! Whoohoo! This particular DeCon was near the NC State Campus in Raleigh, NC.

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Inhabitots found my spiral drawing toy! Cool.

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2x2 Cycles bicycle rack for BMW K1200LT motorcycle
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I just signed Google's petition opposing SOPA and PIPA. I oppose government censorship of any kind!

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Dear Santa, ...
Is the future of motorcycling ELECTRIC? Zero wants to think so.

2012 Zero Motorcycle Model Guide:

Electric motorcycles have been around now for many years but have really only started to become semi-serious contenders a few years ago. Today, that all changed with the new 2012 Zero Electric motorcycle model line up. Now with a 88mph top speed, 114 mile range, 300,000 mile battery life and 75% faster charging! See the new 2012 Zero S, DS, XU, MX and X. If the future is to be electric, at least it's bright.

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I'm starting a Google+ page for my toy business, Rocking Frog!

Everyone says that G+ is dominated by geeks and nerds. Well, let's see exactly how much. If I don't get any responses that means either G+ is so geeky that my question doesn't even register or it's not geeky at all and nobody knows what the heck I'm talking about. Here's my question:
Can anyone point me to a good beginners guide to GIT? I don't want to use it for programming. I just need to start versioning a few folders on my PC. No, it's not running Linux. It's running Win7. Or maybe there's a better tool for my purposes?

Has anyone noticed that Google Chrome doesn't show Facebook under Most Visited anymore?
So much for "Don't be evil."

Bad Google. BAD! BAD!

Why in the world would a bag of socks need a resealable closure??

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For those of you who don't know, I have a little side business building eco-friendly wooden toys. They caught the eye of Eddie Bauer buyers and they will be selling the little guys in the picture in their fall catalog. Consequently I now have a whole parade of rocking black labs lined up for inspection in my basement. It's actually a little surreal when you first open the door. :-)
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