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Andreas Schrade
Android Dev Expert, Musician
Android Dev Expert, Musician

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Threading in Android is a very important topic.
I published a highly compressed article about the most fundamental concepts on my blog: #androiddev

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What do you want?!

Exynap exists for the sole purpose to make Android development faster, better, easier

I would like to ask you...
What is the most boring or time consuming, or frustrating part you encounter as an Android Developer?
What needs to be fixed?

I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks a lot.

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Exynap is back!

After months of inactivity, I continued the development of Exynap. ☺

What is new:
1. I switched to a new and faster backend
2. The latest version does also include a new "command interpreter". For example, the new "command interpreter" can "understand" concated commands. It is still in its very early days... and far from perfect, but that is an ongoing process :-)

Please let me know what you think

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Ultimative list of Android Interview Questions And Answers (with some background info)

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