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This rocket is having a bad problem. It will not go to space today.

(This is, incidentally, the largest non-nuclear blast in human history.)
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As a Kerbal Space Program rocket scientist, most of my designs go similarly CATO on their first launch.
This is probably the July 3rd, 1969 test launch failure, unmanned.
Wow. (Although it's harder to get a sense of scale, since it's already airborne. The Henderson rocket fuel plant explosion looked a lot scarier, even though it's less than half the size, because you can SEE how big the shockwave is.)
Yes, the date appears (european style) on the video clip.  Wow...
Suddenly i realized why the rocket exploded. That's the new Microsoft logo in the upper left corner.
Hah, I just found out about this video a couple of days ago because of xkcd, and it shows up here too.  Synchronicity!
+John Bump - I expect, from the wording used, that it's not so much synchronicity as the fact you both read the same 'what-if' at the same approximate time. :-)
I am entranced by the mad-scientist hair on the man at :22.
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