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Andreas “Crytix” Schlaupitz
Entwicklung ist Bestandteil des Lebens
Entwicklung ist Bestandteil des Lebens


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An eventful weekend is over and now I can look back on many beautiful moments. The journey to #Berlin went without any problems with the #Flixbus and was only clouded by Niantic's failure to include German customs. Finally arrived in Berlin it went to the first hostel visit in my life. After checking in at +WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL #Berlin and the first look into my room, it went to the Regestrierung. Pre-registration and Resistance registration were not a problem, shortly after 17:00 there were no waiting times.

Finally, the first comrades in the team #Wombats arrived and we could still find a comfortable Italian restaurant who supplied us well with food and drinks. After some official little things we had a nice family start in the anomaly weekend #EXO5 #Berlin.

Saturday starts quite early for us and we had to accept the loss of team members who are unfortunately ill. At this point you again get well soon. Keystroke farms, breakfast and then 2.5 hours before the start, we began to play in our area. Eventually it went in the other stages in another city area and there we found the right anomaly fever. A portal and an hour fight.
Fortunately, in the afternoons it was possible to complete the missions in order to be able to play the #MissionDay in #Berlin well with #OperationClearField from +GORUCK and organized with +Ruth Shepherd.

My thanks go to the organization and all the agents who helped me a lot this weekend.

The conclusion for my first anomaly is a bit surprised. I had to realize that it was the ENL agents in the playing areas in which I was active:
- Several portals can freak away, as not immune and underneath a node
- they clear the field after a spontaneous attack
- record inactive portals of the phase

#OperationClearField was a very nice event with all the teammates and the agents who got together in #klub150 were a great XF bunch. With fun at the game, it went through the city.

More about #OCF you can find here:

My special hashtag for +Niantic is #Tiantic

#EXO5 #Ingress #Anomaly #Goruck #OCF #OperationClearField #Urban #Stealth #Berlin #Niantic #Wombats #Resistance #Hostel #Events #RESDD
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Danke an die Orga, auch wenn wir alle von anderen MD´s und den kurzen Missionen verwöhnt waren. Es war ein schöner und vorallem durch die Stadt führender Mission Day.

Gerne habe ich seit Jahre die Sixtina wieder besucht, wobei Herrman recht harmlos war an diesem Tag ;)

In den nächsten Monaten werden Mission Events von mir folgen mal sehen wie wir dann die Stadt bespielen.

Das beste war das Gesicht von #burli als er das rufen hörte: "Jan, ich habe endlich meine 31.500 Missionen heute absolviert!" - Leider fehlte die Kamera, als die Fake News den richtigen erreichte :)

Danke von mir aus Dresden.

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What make +Ingress with our statistic?

#EXO5Controller Extreme
Fileds: 17587
Keys farmed: Over 12000
Agents involved: 8

There was the #Exo5Controller and quickly @187MGS and I teamed up. He had designed the plan quickly, but now we did not have a car to do it. Shortly was asked in the #IRDD and there were still @DrFiel and @ merki81. Thus the start of the operation #MLCoswig was secured and it started.

After a brief calculation, we had to build 8000 fields to achieve the desired success for each of us. After two evenings we lost the plan again and arrived at 460 fields per round on a consumption of 17 #SoftBankUltraLinks and 12 #Jarvis.
No nightly rounds to the farmer's keys do not stay out of building, and by the rapid progress @187MGS and I (@Crytix) already completed our 2000 fields.

Now we have a week ahead. It is called for other agents to build this multilayer and hope the @AceZerro (should it be healthy), @ AZ0815, @MaNuWi, @ merki81 and @ Powerman0815 also reach the goal of the # Exo5Controller.

Intel Rip (Will be released on October 07 02:00 GMT+2)

Agents from:
+Ingress Resistance Deutschland
+Ingress Resistance: Sachsen
+Ingress Resistance Dresden
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I love this song :)

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Team formation for #OperationClearField for Berlin, 5 November 2017, completed. We have teamed up as a team Klub 150, consisting of ten German-speaking agents from both factions.

We are all looking forward to being a part of the +Ingress event and will show many moments at #instagram with +GORUCK and under the direction of +Ruth Shepherd.

Our team consists of the following agents:
+Daniel Koksch
+Tobias Wartzack
+Norbert Rehm
+Andreas Maigatter
+Torben Winter
+H. B. Durst
+Thomas Todinger
+Mrs In Love ( )
+Andreas Schlaupitz

If you follow us on +Instagram, you can follow the event live.

#Exo5 #OCF #OberationClearfield #Berlin #Goruck #Ingress

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