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on the way
into the new week

Have a good one, Google-world!


#harz   #monochromeworld   #monochromephotography   #fotowandern   #photomaniagermany   #leadinglines   #everydaythings
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+Susana ELISA muñoz Muchas gracias por el buen comentario y los deseos !! También una buena semana :))
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Andreas Levi

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Innerste Dam
Harz, Germany

Have a sunny day, dear Googlers!
#Harz   #fotowandern   #fotokurs   #landscapephotography  
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+Manijeh Kiana Thank you so much dear Manijeh :)
Have a beautiful day my friend!
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Andreas Levi

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Have you actually ever thought about the future of your grandchildren and their children? Really?
It is worth a take two-minute to see and think about your behavior.
#climatechange #nature #life
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Yes I have. And I think there is nothing that can save our planet anymore. That's why I think it's better not to have children. I can't guarantee them a safe and healthy world to live in.
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Andreas Levi

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54 seconds
at the Bodefalls

Good morning dear Googlers,
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend?! 

This shot I take past Saturday during a nice workshop with in the Harz area. So, if you planing a trip to the Harz you can connect me via +Photo Tour Global Directory™ (or my website or simply here^^) to show you the best spots.

Let's start the new week, I wish you all a great one!
#harz   #phototour   #workshop   #longexposure  
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+Margo Rita Thank you so much dear Margo :) I wish you a good evening / night!!
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Andreas Levi

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Mein Tipp für den kommenden Samstag^^ :
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Fotokurs Langzeitbelichtung
im Nationalpark Harz

Am kommenden Samstag ist es wieder soweit: es geht um lange (und auch kurze) Belichtungszeiten.

 Infos und Anmeldung wie immer über
 Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Himmelsfahrtstag! : )
#wandern   #fotokurs   #harz  
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Der Fotokurs führt zu den rauschenden Bodefällen bei Braunlage. Schwerpunkt des Seminars auf dieser Wanderung wird, neben den Allgemeinen Hinweisen zur Fotografie und zur Handhabung der Kamera, vor allem das Thema Langzeitbelichtung sein. An den beiden Bodefällen werden wir ausreichen Zeit ...
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Thanks a lot for the pluses!
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Andreas Levi

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on the Försterstieg
in the Northern Harz

Happy Monday dear Googlers! :)

I don't know how it is on your side, but I'm not so extrem happy with the performance by LR6 (CC).  
I think it's a little bit slower, especially if you carry out various actions simultaneously.
Okay nevertheless here the result of the panorama function, composed of 18 individual images. I hope you like it^^, and wish you a fabulous new week :)


#harz   #close2home   #fotowandern   #fotokurs  
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+Nynke B ... and it was only a short hike^^
Thanks a lot dear Nynke :))
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Andreas Levi

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Happy Birthday dear +Evelin J. !! :)

This is a view from the Alp Sigel - captured by 22 single shots.
Feel free to have a look at my website and see this image a little bit larger:


Happy Friday everyone!
#appenzellerland   #switzerland   #alpsteinfotowalk  
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+Margo Rita +Evelin J. +Lucie V. +Michael A Koontz +Manijeh Kiana +Christina Schon +Annette Junge Daugaard +Eric Delcour +Rita Gijbels +Constantin Simionica 
Good morning, and thank you so much for your kind comments my friends!
I wish you a sunny Tuesday :))
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Andreas Levi

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127 seconds break
during the Alpstein Photo Walk past weekend

Here a little break after descending from the Bogartenlücke and before the next ascent with destination Fälensee.

With a big thanks to +Evelin J. and all the other photographers on this awesome tour

Have a great day dear Googlers! :)


#appenzellerland   #switzerland   #alpsteinfotowalk  
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+Louisa Catharine Forsyth Good morning, and thank you so much dear Lou! :)) All the best for tomorrow my team mate!!
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Andreas Levi

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Bodenstein Castle
Thuringia, Germany

Have a great day Google world!
#close2home   #allthingsmonochrome   #monochromeworld   #leadinglines   #thueringen   #fotowandern  
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You're welcome.

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Andreas Levi

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+Nynke B Many thanks my friend :)) 
I hope soon get some more time to sharing with themes and images anyhow. The last days was very busy, but all will be good^^
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Andreas Levi

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I'm sorry for my abstinence of the past days but I finished the next web project.

I hope you all doing fine and wish a fabulous day!
"Zur alten Papiermühle" in Mühlhausen 
Urlaubs- und Verhinderungspflege, Seniorenwohngemeinschaft

Care for seniors + Senior living community

Feel free to have a look at the new website  ~~~
‪#‎verhinderungspflege‬ ‪#‎seniorenwohngemeinschaft‬ ‪#‎mühlhausen‬ #thueringen  
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+RICARDO MARTINEZ Thanks a lot my friend :)
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Andreas Levi

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schon gesehen?:
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Der 1. Mai 2015 bringt nicht nur endlich wieder einen neuen, regulären Monatskreis von +Photo Mania Germany, sondern auch eine gute und eine weniger gute Nachricht mit sich...

Die schlechte Neuigkeit ist, dass es uns leider noch immer nicht gelungen ist, +Nicole Gruber zu erreichen oder irgendetwas über ihren Verbleib und ihren Gesundheitszustand zu erfahren... :-/

Die für euch hoffentlich erfreuliche Info besteht darin, dass wir vom heutigen Tag an Unterstützung von +Nico Kaiser bekommen, den wir hiermit offiziell und ganz herzlich in unserem Team begrüßen möchten! :)
(Bitte beachtet hierzu auch den geänderten Infotext auf der +Photo Mania Germany-Seite!)

Einen wunderschönen Wonnemonat Mai mit viel Sonne, tollem Licht und vielen fantastischen Fotos wünschen euch +Sandra Deichmann +Markus Landsmann +dietmar rogacki & +Nico Kaiser :))
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Merci, Andreas
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