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Ja, det är väl fullt logiskt att tillverkarna vill bevaka sina intressen (läs pengar).

Jag plockar fram min gamla Amazon bara sedan så klarar jag mig.
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I USA kan bilägare och fria verkstäder förbjudas att själva reparera bilar. Det enligt branschorganisationen Auto Alliance som företräder flera stora biltillverkare i USA, rapporte…
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Helt galet! 
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Andreas Holmqvist

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För att vissa saker betyder mer för mig än andra saker.

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We the undersigned petition the BBC to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson. Freedom to fracas.    #BringBackClarkson 
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Han är kung! 
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Andreas Holmqvist

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Hej på dig Freddy

Härligt att bli uthängd av dig.

Tänkte göra dig en likvärdig björntjänst.

Här publicerar jag ditt gnäll-inlägg som främst fokuseras på mig och vad du tycker var hemskt med min respons på ett inlägg du skrev.

Problemet med detta är väl att du +Freddy Håkansson har blockat mig. Så du ser väl inte detta.

Men du har säkert någon som kan berätta för dig vad för hemskt jag skrivit.

Mycket nöje!


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Det här var nog den mest bajsnödiga tråden jag någonsin läst. Är man rädd att något är för känsligt så man blir våt i ögat av att någon är dum som Freddy blev så får man väl skriva dagbok, med hänglås, lägga den under kudden så att man kan bli hånad efter sin död istället? Freddy är ju generellt sett ganska bajsnödig och gnäller, men det är hans rätt att få göra det. Intressant är dock hon som utforskar sociala medier men är asocial och bara följer vänner, hon tar ju priset.

Alla som Tycker Andreas gjort fel, väx upp och ta tummen ur röven så ni inte behöver vara så pkbn (politiskt korrekt bajsnödig)
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Andreas Holmqvist

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Operation Hardrada  - Main Sitrep
Date 25th/26th Of October

(apologies everyone for the delay)

This Viking king wanted to rule England as well as Scandinavia. He came to a sticky end near York. As a Viking of the old school his methods of uniting them  were rather crude and bloody, We wanted to liberate a large amount of MU to show how Resistance agents from these countries can work together to free minds from shaper influence with not a Axe or longboat in sight.

Resistance agents from the UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and Germany  all made a massive effort to successfully build 9 layers of fields over Denmark. All except one field went up before checkpoint and they won Resistance multiple cells in these countries.

The Gestation: Agent @Beornhaeth whilst in Bergen for the Interitus anomaly met up with agents from throughout Scandinavia. his Teammate @MrWolfe introduced him to the formidable @Vibeke and later he met with  @Markbyres and  @TTGeek. Drinks were had @markbyres suggested we should really Field Denmark. Why not sound like fun..

The Development:  Lots of time looking at maps showed a particularly perfect anchor to use the small Island of Christiansø, in the Baltic seemed perfect. Agent @TTGeek put the call out to the Danish resistance and Agents @ukuxnad and @Dixxen stepped up to the plate.. Keys were farmed the plans started becoming clearer. UK Anchors were chosen. Agent @insanityinside proposed some excellent anchors in Lancashire.  Clearance Teams were arranged and Gothenburg  Resistance was contacted about the tricky clearance right through their highly contested city.

Operation Objectives: International operation to put 10 layers over Denmark using island in Scandinavia and various anchors in the North of England and Wales.

The Delay:  The Op was progressing and then all of a sudden we had Shards all over the Baltic and an anomaly in Gothenburg. Also a Random Resistance tourist turned up in Christiansø and linked the two anchors. We decided to delay the Op and review the field plan until at least until the Aarhus anomaly was finished.

The Implementation: I worried that with 2 Scandinavian anomalies and a busy summer that the Danish and Swedish Resistance would be approaching burnout. Why worry,  the date was decided and all the hangouts started buzzing again and engaged again.

The Clearance Started early with local agents hitting the green blocks as often as possible but in a pattern that hopefully would not arouse suspicion. In the middle of this  some  key agents were hit by the mini intel bans which meant we struggled to keep on top of the rather large intel task. However we decentralised the roles and brought more people in to help.

On the Day in question we started the main job of clearance early. The Swedish team had set up some guard blockers on Friday. In the UK Agents in the North East began clearance for the links that would be cutting through the North east.. On the West Coast of the UK agents began the difficult task of preparing the link paths around some Big ENL Strongholds, The Teams took no chances and began targeting remote coastal portals  either side of the  lines. The night before the UK Team had prepared a channel blocker from Wales to Morecambe Bay to avoid any surprises.

In Denmark the lines were closer together so the agents adopted a  cautious approach  so as not to arouse suspicions. In Sweden the ENL decided that now would be a good time to tear down the Resistance  blocks and win the Septicycle. Agent X moved heaven and Earth to allow to get the keys to set up a 250 km channel guard.  Across the 1100 km  link lines all types of activity were now occurring and being dealt with. In York the local Enl were trying hard to field the city across the path of the fields. Now however the fielding teams began to take their places thanks to the great efforts of all the  clearance teams. Agent @Vibeke and @frkengan put down their glasses of wine stopped directing the fantastic Norwegian Clearance efforts and everyone prepared for the final push. . Teams had sacrificed their guardians and had spent long days and nights leading up to this moment
Agent @Sprnor and @Beornhaeth had arrived at their anchor for the first field and found that it was inaccessible due to the time. A fall back anchor was proposed however this meant the northern path for the initial field had to be redrawn. Things now did not look so  good with several blockers in Saltburn. The Danish resistance then told us that their path was clear likewise Norway and now Sweden.  Crunch time. The call went out for the Ferjeleia to Christiansø link to be thrown. Without this link no other fields could be thrown. However once it was thrown we were showing our hand. Time was critical. Meanwhile the situation in Saltburn was critical Agent @Quaint and @miikel were on route but signal issues and bad luck were conspiring against the agents on the ground. To stop any cross links it was decided to link the first UK anchor to Christiansø and now we really were showing our hand. Despite the best efforts of those involved we decided to Skip the first field and go straight to the Settle fields. Agent @annandauk called the sequence and the first fields went up to the great jubilation of the many agents involved.   Many of the fielders had spent the days leading up to the op as clearance and emotions were high whether  on top of a bleak hillside or sitting in a warm pub.

As an extra bonus we discovered later that as well as pulling off a great fielding OP we had as well in fact partially prevented at least 1 ENL BAF sequence planned as part of the Unity OP. The Only regret was that the final welsh Keys did not get to Norway in time to allow @Vibeke to throw the final field.

In the morning light Enl agent  @FroViking made the trip in his boat to take out the Ferjeleia anchor. I was relieved he was not crazy enough to attempt this at night as I was genuinely concerned for his safety. 

Area covered by largest field: 305363 km²
Perimeter: 2925.15 km

MU totals,


1st Primary field - 3,284,804 MU @flygirl1

1st side Field 62,126 @Sanitybites 

Linking the two anchors in Settle created 2 inner  side fields
2nd and third inner side fields 876 and 610 MU for @Sanitybites 

2nd Primary field - 3,286,462 MU @ampluralelf


3rd field Primary - 3,545,274 MU @insanityinside
4th inner side field  311,534 MU  @pankomputerek

4th Primary  field - 3,597,708 MU @stabbybob
5th  Inner Side Field  55,716 @madasahat


5th Primary field - 5,329,900 MU @TheFuryD
6th Primary field - 5,377,377 MU @LadyU
6th and 7th  Inner side fields 16,129 and 35,524 MU  @LadyU

7th Primary field - 5,392945 MU @ZenithUK
8th and 9th inner Side fields Inner side field 8494 and 6678 MU @ZenithUK

8th field - 5,405,680 MU @TheFuryD
9th field - 5,406,037 MU @kierkergard
Total MU 41,123874

Planning @Beornhaeth

Key transfer and logistics @mimtwin

Big Shout out for +Vibeke Eika  and her team in Norway. Amazing what can happen when you bump into people in a Pub isn't it.

Special thanks to +Martin Jørgensen   in Denmark TTGeek the brilliant can do attitude exemplified in Denmark.

And For +Valerie Wallace  for providing a firm hand on the intel

In the Uk a special mention for +Jonathan Widnall   who did months of work in various places to help

Amazing work in Sweden by all agents  a big shout to +Niklas Hallqvist   who decided to go with a crazy plan from a guy he’d never met and assembled an excellent team. 

Brilliant work by all the UK teams in punching these lines through a very densely  populated part of Europe loosing their own guardians and working tirelessly. 

Thanks to +Martin Chalk  for having a careful look at everything and a lot of  advice.

Big shout to +Vicki Ellen   for working hard to make it happen and being a cheerleader for the Op. 

Most people helped out in more than one way . It was nights like this Operation that combined everything I love about ingress. High Drama, Co-operation and the final relif when it all goes to plan. 

Team Norway. 

Team Sweden 


Team Denmark 


UK Team 


+Ingress  +Brandon Badger  +Joe Philley  +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti   +Brian Rose  +John Hanke 
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I'm so sorry for bad language but...

Eze... xxxx you and the horse you rode in on.

Thoose codes are for attendees of anomalies.

Any agent that takes you up on your offer, are in my eyes fake.

Badges are presented in time order. The last one deserved is shown first.
Getting a Interitus badge now? Hahahaha
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+Eze Varela​ there are a lot of deserving agents out there that did not get badges because there were not enough given out. If you were a point of contact you would know this. Please contact your poc and offer the codes back; they will know who needs additional codes.
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Andreas Holmqvist

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Många är vi som minns det katastrofala i att inte betala tv-licens.

Något som de flesta i Sverige dessutom tycker är något som gott kan dras direkt på skatten istället för att det skall komma en faktura någon gång per kvartal.

Det var t.o.m. någon nytillsatt minister som avgick för att den avgiften inte betalades.

Hur är det med bygglov. Kan man gå förbi den regeln och sitta kvar?

Eller har preskriptionstiden gått ut för den "gamla" synden?
Det gäller ju ändå bara några gamla stugor mitt på landet. Norrland någonstans. Det är väl ingen som bryr sig om det. Ingen strandtomt, ingen sjöutsikt, inga större installationer...
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Landsbygdsminister Sven-Erik Bucht har byggt stugor utan bygglov, avslöjade DN förra veckan. Men enligt ministern byggdes de på 1970-80-talen, innan bygglov krävdes. Nu motbevisas…
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Kan bli 13000kr i böter och med lönen han har nu var det värt det
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Bra där Flygbussarna.
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+Sofi Storback No need.

Jag tog inte illa upp på något vis.
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Andreas Holmqvist

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Mitt politikerförakt har nog aldrig varit så stort som nu.

" Jag har den största respekt för valresultatet och de som röstade nej "
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Västsvenska paketet, ja. Men lägre påminnelseavgifter och undantag för bilister boende i Backa.
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Fy faan för politikerna. 
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Andreas Holmqvist

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I’ve just joined #7DaysofGiveaways. Win a OnePlus PowerBank here:
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Andreas Holmqvist

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Sådär juste av arbetsgivaren att polisanmäla sina anställda när de följer den bonusjakt som arbetsgivaren själva har satt upp och godkänt.
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Hade jag varit i dina skor, hade jag nog gjort en Motanmälan om förtal. Du har ju deras policy som bevis. Vänligen. Stickan
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Andreas Holmqvist

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Hänger ni med på den enkla logiken på hur en ekonomi faktiskt fungerar?
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Nu fick jag fan Forrest Whitaker-öga!
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+Jonas Jerner Inte ens sin egen, verkar det som.
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Andreas Holmqvist

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Got 5 new invitations for Inbox

Anyone up for grabs?
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självklart +Stefan Jansson din mail?

Eller pm'a den om du vill
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Nyfiken - Noli turbare circulos meos!
Intresserad av allt, till en viss nivå beroende på vad.

Teknik fascinerar mig, sport fångar mig. Andra ämnen som politik, entreprenörskap, skola, bilar, schack, spel, transport, skog&mark, husbyggen, tvättråd mm, mm är jag antingen underhålld av eller nyfiken på.

Kom bara ihåg en sak:

Noli turbare circulos meos!
Basic Information