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Onliner, Writer, Roleplayer

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Son (3), playing with this toy dragon:
"This is a dragon. I like dragons. Dragons are cool. They only eat salad. ... And humans."
He leans close and whispers:
"I tell you something: There are no dragons out there! Dragons do not exist, I think."

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How to lose friends and alienate entities.

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Oh noes!

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thats me when i break something
Animated Photo

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Giant Sitting on Snowy Hill
This morning I found yet another hidden giant - and at a place I've passed multiple times but never knew there was a giant hidden in the trees.
The giants I've previously found: and

I love finding these hidden giants on my walks. Thank you, +Thomas Dambo (, for making these giants for people to find.

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#rpg night. A RL-kid is told to go to bed. Mom goes ahead.
Kid: "Good night from mom and me."
"Good night. But no, your mom is going to return to the table."
Shock. Denial:
"No, she's going to sleep with me..."
"No, she's coming back to us"
"No! She can't! She has to go to bed..."
Chorus in three voices: "We NEED her!!"
Kid hesitates, then flees.

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Hahahahahaha, and yes, I actually laughed out loud.

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Perhaps it is the horror pleni generated by its overdevelopment that leads to the predominance of apocalyptic or retrogressive genres within this setting.

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