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Funny stuff  - 
The name generator is just awesome... In a world I'm currently generating exists a very big island, inhabited by a goblin civ. It's appropriately called "The Most Island".
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Andreas Grois

General Discussion  - 
Wrote something about that root exploit for Linux / Android that is currently making the rounds in the tech press (with ever escalating wording).
Allow me to use this case to make a general observation: I find it increasingly "interesting" to see which security stories get lots of coverage - and which don't. Is this a bad bug? Sure. Is it worse than any of the four (!) root exploits Google has fixed in the last Nexus update? No. It's not even clear this one is exploitable on most Android devices at all. So why does it get so much coverage? If we are all honest it simply is because the security vendor cared enough to write a detailed blog post about it. (And yeah this obviously also is some sort of self-criticism, we are all part of this circus)
Lokale Nutzer können sich Root-Rechte aneignen – Exploit bereits im Umlauf
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Make sure to read the text of the original posting, as that's what I wanted to share, not only the link.
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Andreas Grois

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Andreas Grois

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The Austrian newspaper derStandard published a quite interesting interview with Michael Hudson, regarding European financial politics and the consequences that are to be expected.
Sadly it's in German...
Ich meine, dass die Aussagen von Herr Hudson in diesem Artikel wohl ziemlich stimmen; nur ein Auszug hier. 
... Hudson: Zentralbanken sind stark von Geschäftsbankenlobbys beeinflusst und vertreten deren Interessen – nicht die der Bevölkerung. Sie erzeugen kein Geld für Investitionen und Lohnzahlungen. Das Geld wird Geschäftsbanken gegeben und diese verleihen nur gegen Sicherheiten wie Anleihen, Aktien oder andere Finanzprodukte. Die Preise von Finanzprodukten steigen durch die Zentralbankpolitik, nicht aber Löhne und Investitionen. Mittlerweile werden jeden Tag am Finanzplatz New York Transaktionen im Wert des jährlichen US-Inlandsprodukts durchgeführt. ... 
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In Europa läuft seit der Finanzkrise einiges falsch, sagt der Ökonom Michael Hudson. Warum Banken pleitegehen sollten
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Andreas Grois

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Great protest action by the Austrian workgroup on data retention. They asked: What would the founders of the Republic of Austria think about the planned Staatsschutzgesetz (law for protection of the state)?

The answer is clear: To agree to this insanity one would need to tightly shut eyes, ears and mouth.
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Andreas Grois

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In einer Racheaktion werden die Daesh mit ihrer größten Angst konfrontiert: Pornohefte und Alkohol. Die Folgen sind verheerend.
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Andreas Grois

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Besitzer der betroffenen Kameras sollten dringend updaten, wenn sie keine fremden Augen in der Wohnung haben wollen. (vza)  
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Aldi hatte vergangenes Jahr mehrfach IP-Überwachungskameras mit denkbar schlechten Voreinstellungen verkauft. Die Geräte sind zu Hunderten fast ungeschützt über das Internet erreichbar.
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Andreas Grois

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Sadly, without Hugo the Poet (and therefore no Rap News), but still worth listening.
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Andreas Grois

General Discussion  - 

I've stumbled across a nice logic circuit simulator, Atanua, and just wanted to share how I managed to build it on Linux (as the Linux builds on their download page are from older versions):
First, one needs to get the Windows version from the official website to obtain the required data files. The needed folders are called "data" and "tests" in the zip file. Without these files, Atanua will crash on startup.

Then, on the download page, there's a link to the source code git repository. The included makefile is outdated, so my solution was to, instead of editing that thing by hand, just adding all files to Qt Creator and tweaking the automatically generated qmake project file afterwards. Here's the result.

I think it's rather self explanatory - just save this as a .pro file in the top directory of the source code, (above the "src" directory). I prefer out of tree builds, so I then created a new directory, and just ran qmake <path-to-project-file> there, followed by make. A huge pile of warnings later, a Atanua binary was created. Now all I had to do was to copy over this binary, and the "tests" and "data" folders from the Windows version to a new folder, and launch Atanua from that directory (paths to data files are hard coded...).

Atanua is a real-time logic simulator, designed to help in learning of basic boolean logic and electronics. It uses OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering and a custom UI designed for a fast workflow and a very low learning curve, letting the students concentrate on learning the subject instead ...
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Andreas Grois

General Discussion  - 
On GDM RAM usage:

I've made a strange observation on my Gentoo machine: I'm using Xfce, but as my girlfriend prefers Gnome, that one is also installed on my PC. Gnome comes with GDM, so I have been using it as display manager up to now. Recently, I noticed that although I am using Xfce there's always a Gnome Shell process running in the background (but, of course, not visible), happily occupying more than 150 MB of residual memory.
It turns out, that when using LightDM instead of GDM, the memory-hogging Gnome Shell process doesn't show up during the Xfce session.
So, it seems that GDM is not only launching a Gnome Shell process, it even leaves this thing running in the background while the user is using a non-Gnome session.
I have the suspicion that Gnome Shell requires so much memory because it might be using display compositing (but what for, on a login manager?). In that case that memory could not even be swapped, as far as I know.

Did I misconfigure something, or is GDM really so badly broken?
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+Peter Robertson That's the point. For the user it doesn't make a difference. If the user wants to run Gnome, it's just selecting a different session on LightDM. But, yeah - on most modern desktop environments compositing is being used anyhow, so there will likely (I haven't checked this yet) be little difference between GDM and LightDM.

On the other hand, many distributions use LightDM by default anyway, and probably only few users would ever care to change DM.
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Andreas Grois

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DF 2015 is out!!

Spammy copypaste follows:

Here is the new version we've been working on all year! The flow of fortress life is quite a bit different now -- specific breaks and parties have been replaced by taverns and performances and needs and inebriation. You can designate a tavern, temple or library from a meeting area zone, bedroom or dining room using the new Assign Location option. The location list ('l') will let you know what sort of furniture and items you need, and you can set tavern keepers, scribes and other occupations there as well. You'll need to set up a drink stockpile and a chest for goblets in taverns for drink service to work properly, but dwarves can still drink without a tavern as before. You can assign multiple rooms/zones to a single location. There's a lot more -- see the feature list below.

The bug fix list below is partial. Large chunks of the game were changed, which has a way of making old bugs go away while bringing in new ones to take their place. We'll be focusing on bugs old and new in subsequent releases, starting with crashing saves and moving down the list. The next set of bug-fix releases will be measured on a scale of days and weeks rather than months, as usual.

New stuff

Ability to designate taverns, temples and libraries in the fortress
Taverns and libraries also exist in adventure mode and world generation
Tavern keepers can serve drinks in both modes, goblets can be used by dwarves to drink (in taverns or otherwise)
Performances include stories, poetry, music and dance (you can view activity descriptions from the unit/job list)
Art forms are randomly generated for each civilization
Instruments are now all generated, instruments can be used in both modes
Most instruments are constructed from multiple pieces using different materials
Personalities and values lead to needs which can be met by various actions in both modes
The fort has visitors, residency petitions and eventual citizenship, including non-dwarves
Tavern visitors include mercenaries, monster slayers, bandits, diplomats and performers
Can set details for clothing/armor jobs to make them for other races that can equip items
Monster slayers can petition your fortress to go down and fight monsters once you discover the underground
Performance troupes are active in world generation and into play, visiting the fort, can be formed in adventure mode
New knowledge system divided into nine branches (though it has very few practical effects so far)
Fortress scholars can advance knowledge, form master-apprentice relationships and write down their findings
Fortress scribes can copy works in your library
Scholars can visit your fortress libraries, bringing knowledge from around the world
Devoted historical figures can visit your fortress temples
Three forms of writing material: papyrus sheets, paper sheets and parchment sheets
Papyrus sheets are made directly from the plant at the farmer's workshop
Paper is made from pressed slurries (start at the quern/mill, then go to a screw press)
Parchment is made from hide and milk of lime at the tanner's (bake quicklime at a kiln, then make milk of lime at an ashery)
Sheets are used to make quires or with rollers to make scrolls -- these are then used for writing
Quires can be bound into codices with bindings after they contain writing
Dwarves read books in the library (they don't need to be scholars)
Values can be passed in writing (both modes) and through adventure mode arguments (uses some conversation skills)
Animal people are playable as adventurers, arrive as fort visitors and sometimes live in towns in (playable) populations
Children play with toys now, and they can also play make believe, in both modes
Personality can be customized/randomized in adventure mode, appearance can be randomized as well
Temples can be defiled in both modes, dwarf temples can be assigned to particular gods
Adventurer can rent rooms in inns
Adventurers can compose new poems, music and dances
Adventurers can write material down on empty quires or scrolls
Alcohol causes inebriation, erratic behavior, unconsciousness, death
Festivals occur in world generation, though we haven't gotten them out of there yet
Dwarves will wear trinkets again

Major bug fixes

Fixed some army pathing issues
Goblins have mounts again
Fixed long-standing flow bug with unit occupancy
Stopped some issues with brawls escalating to non-lethal

Other bug fixes/tweaks

Looking at reaction screen for redded-out reactions in workshop will indicate missing reagents now
Fixed inversion problem with half of the child/parent conversation thoughts
Lots of historical figures that weren't around from the beginning didn't have deities when they were supposed to
Allowed site finder to look for 1x1 sites
Human civilizations now have randomized values
Added ability to set invasion wave cap size

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Andreas Grois

Shared publicly  - 
Save on Civilization, Borderlands, and more in the 2K Weekend Sale!

Spend $12/€12/£10 on the games in the 2K Weekend Sale to receive The Darkness II for free!
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