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Only 7 Days until Launch!
<iframe width="400" height="225" id="youtube_iframe" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br/><br/><p> Just 7 days til launch! Watch the first preview video of Kerbal Space Program’s 1.0!<br/></p>
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Andreas Grois

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pretend to be busy in office to enjoy a cup of coffee

cat /dev/urandom | hexdump -C | grep "ca fe"
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Could someone (who has enough money so that they'll listen) please explain to the US, UK and Chinese governments, that it is a really, really, REALLY stupid idea to demand that only those encryption techniques should be legal, that can be cracked by government agencies?

Key escrow is a nearly as bad idea, as the key database presents a single point of failure, and it's not a question if the key database will be compromised/leaked, but only when this will happen.
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Wenn Nutzer von Apple- und Android-Geräten eine der Millionen für den Angriff Freak anfälligen Webseiten ansurfen, kann ein Man-in-the-Middle die verschlüsselten Verbindungen knacken. Angreifer können nicht nur Daten mitlesen, sondern auch manipulieren.
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Andreas Grois

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Keep in mind:
Whenever you buy a computer, no matter if it's new or used, format the HDD, make a clean installation of the operating system, and if possible don't use the recovery disk that comes with the device, for it might contain malware as well.

Of course this doesn't guarantee that the system will be free of malware afterwards, as there have now been reports that cyber-criminals managed to infest device firmware with spyware (Source: ), but it at least helps to get rid of not so advanced data-vermin.
I extracted the certificate from the SuperFish adware and cracked the password ("komodia") that encrypted it. I discuss how down below. The consequence is that I can intercept the encrypted communications of SuperFish's victi...
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Andreas Grois

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It always makes me furious, when people, particularly politicians, resort to cherry picking in order to back their far fetched claims.

But what's that German news article linked below about?
In short, Tony Abbot claims that, since Germany does not have data retention, while Great Britain does have it, clearance rates for child abuse crimes are much higher in Great Britain than in Germany.

Well, numbers say something different...
Luckily, Germany publishes the clearance rates sorted by crime here (there's also an English PDF):

For Great Britain I didn't find any prepared numbers for the clearance rate of (sexual) child abuse crimes, but one can calculate the outcome rates using the detailed raw data available here (that's actually quite depressing, as alone the sheer size of the tables illustrates how many crimes are being committed):

A condensed report of outcome rates for England/Wales is available here, but lacks a separate listing for (sexual) child abuse:

It turns out that the clearance rate for sexual child abuse is much higher in Germany (around 84% in 2012/2013) than the outcome rate for the same crime is in Great Britain (around 30% in the same years).

While this doesn't proof anything (again I've taken just one example - I only compared Germany and Great Britain for two years, completely neglecting all other countries and time frames), it certainly hints that data retention might not be the most important factor when it comes to crime clearance rates.

Disclaimer: I'm not absolutely sure that the German "Aufklärungsrate" can be directly compared to the British "outcome rate". Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Australiens Premier Tony Abbott tadelt Deutschland für die Nicht-Einführung der Vorratsdatenspeicherung. Ohne Datensammlungen ließen sich Verbrechen wie Kindesmissbrauch nur schlecht bekämpfen, findet Abbott.
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Andreas Grois

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The Jolla Tablet is back on Indiegoo. In my opinion it's an awesome alternative to Android or iOS based devices. Of course I'm getting one in order to mess with the OS, and see how bad I can break it, but I think it's also an excellent choice for real everyday use.
Be a part of making the world’s first people powered tablet, running Sailfish OS 2.0.
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Did you hear? Fox News says that there are multiple territories in Europe that can be compared to caliphates! Some cities in Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and France are completely under the rule, of radical Muslims, and non-Muslims dare not enter those areas!
If Fox news says it, it just has to be true, right?

The only thing I keep asking myself is: Are there people who believe this nonsense?
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Andreas Grois

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Pillars of Eternity has been released. It's one of the projects I backed on Kickstarter, and I'm really looking forward to playing it. Nevertheless the developers asked us backers a very tough question regarding the digital download version: Do we want a Steam, or a GoG key? The choice is exclusive...
The obvious differences are, that GoG downloads are (afaik) DRM free, while DRM is Steam's primary purpose... On the other hand Steam also functions as an update manager and has the Steam community features, what might for many people outweigh the DRM... For Linux users the differences reach even further. Steam has the Steam Runtime, a collection of shared libraries ("dll-files", as Windows users would call them). While these libraries can be easily installed using the distributions package manager, they might be available in different versions on different distributions, what could in principle cause issues. The Steam version of the game will use the Steam runtime instead of the distribution specific libraries, making such issues much less likely.

Although Steam therefore would guarantee a much smoother installation and maintenance experience, I've still chosen to get the download from GoG, just because I don't like DRM...
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Andreas Grois

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So true.
accurate when i'm compiling c from mousepad
anyone else have that problem?
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Andreas Grois

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After decades of playing around with computers, it only happens rarely that I can truly say that a certain program I discover amazes me.
Today is one of these lucky days.

If you don't know it yet, check out MagickWand. It's a really, really simple API for ImageMagick (if you don't know ImageMagick, check that out first - it's a really powerful command line image editing toolkit). The amount of boilerplate code that sits between you and the bare pixel values of nearly every image format that exists is so minimal, I still can't believe that my code actually works...
Of course the API is not limited to reading and writing image files, it gives you access to the advanced image editing functions of ImageMagick as well, and although I haven't tried that part yet, it seems to be surprisingly easy to use as well.

A big thank you goes to the ImageMagick developers! Your work saved me a lot of work today.
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Andreas Grois

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Pay attention to the second last paragraph. The people being spied on weren't terrorists, their only crime was to work for a mobile phone tech company.

I'm wondering how this is compatible with what Barack Obama said in his speech on 2015-01-17, regarding the NSA reforms: "that the men and women of the intelligence community, including the NSA, consistently follow protocols designed to protect the privacy of ordinary people."
(source: )
International row likely after revelations of breach that could have given NSA and GCHQ the power to monitor a large portion of world’s cellular communications
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Andreas Grois

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I've been working on lattice match calculations lately, and stumbled across the definition of epitaxial coincidence in A. Hillier and M. Ward, Phys. Rev. B 54, 14037 (1996).
There it is stated that: [Coincidence is the case when] one of the reciprocal lattice vectors of the overlayer has the same direction as the reciprocal lattice vector defined by the substrate rows and the magnitude of the overlayer reciprocal lattice vector is an integer multiple of the corresponding substrate lattice vector.

While other authors have used this definition as well (for instance T. Fritz - Molecular Architecture in Heteroepitaxially Grown Organic Thin Films, sfps - Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, Dresden, 1999), I'm pretty sure that something with it is not right, and I also have the impression that Hillier and Wand used a different definition throughout the rest of their paper. I might misinterpret something here, but also the errata for the book by T. Fritz seem to suggest, that the real definition should be different.

After some consideration, given the definition of point-on-line coincidence in the direct lattice and considering that so called geometrical solutions (where only every n-th overlayer unit cell is in phase with the surface unit cells) need to be excluded, I reached the conclusion that the actual definition should probably read:

The case of coincidence is realized exactly then, when one of the reciprocal basis vectors of the substrate is a reciprocal lattice vector of the overlayer (or an integer multiple of it - what again is a reciprocal lattice vector). The (direct) lattice vectors used in this definition have to be defined in such a way, that they follow lines of closest packaging.

In other words, in the definition by Hillier and Ward the term "integer multiple" should be replaced by "unit fraction".

I'm not certain if I understood everything correctly here. So, please feel free to comment, and in case I'm wrong, please be so nice as to explain where my mistake lies.
A framework for evaluating the epitaxy of crystalline organic overlayers of generic symmetry on ordered substrates is described, which combines a computationally efficient analytical method for explicit determination of the type of epitaxy (i.e., commensurism, coincidence, or incommensurism) and overlayer azimuthal orientation with an analysis of the elastic properties of the overlayer and the overlayer-substrate interface. The azimuthal orientat...
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