Corel is killing AfterShot

I have been using Bibble since day one of shooting digital.
Pretty soon I was part of the beta testers.
At that time, Bibble 4 was way ahead of the competition.
Bibble 5 looked like it would continue that way, but hit some roadblocks and lost quite a bit of its competitive edge.
So when Bibblelabs was bought by Corel I was hoping it would pick up speed again.
But then Corel decided on a slow update cycle which already sounded a bit frustrating (after all, why wait months for updates when the lab already has a bunch of fixes and new camera support ready)
And now, just after publicly announcing support for OpenCL:,3208-11.html
they fire the whole original development team.
I have been in contact with those guys for many years, been meeting them at Photokina and at the lab in Austin, so it did not take long for that news to reach me.

Brilliant move. Anyone who has the slightest clue about software development will notice right away, that this kills the product.
After all, this is a raw converter that depends on regular camera updates in addition to bugfixing and enhancements to stay competitive.

So what are those guys at Corel up to?
Play their customers for fools? Sell as much licensees as they can before the public realizes what's going on and the product fades into oblivion?
Try to sell the rights to someone else who will not have access to the most valuable asset, the developers that know the code?
After all, not only is the cost of getting new people to support the code not trivial, but the time hit the product takes is an even bigger problem.

In the end, they are basically killing the oldest independent RAW converter, the only decent workflow solution on the market that does not force a specific workflow down the users thhroat and the only decent production quality raw converter that is available on Linux.

Whichever way I look at this, it is not exiting at all.
Just loads of frustration thanks to mismanagement.
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This is sad news - AfterShot had its glitches, but I'll miss it if it dies.
Well along with a few others I am an old Bibble user since 3rd November 2000 with Bibble 2.02.   I have known most of the developers over the years and therefore for me the loss of Bibble/ASP team is like losing a member of the family.   So I will do my best to ensure that we get something out of Corel. 

Whether they want to sell or give code set away (I doubt) then we need to explore this before giving up.  If all fails then there are other products out there but they dont hold a light to Bibble.
Nooooooo..... !!!!! This is really bad! ASP is so amazing and the only Linux alternative.
Corel also manged to hurt WordPerfect.
They are also insisting to bundled it with unwanted programs to sell an office suite.
Sounds a truly backward move, and I have been with Bibble since the cat featured strongly and I could email Eric.
Seems the good old days are gone, perhaps I will not pay to register my Aftershot trial that I has just completed it time. Timely information for consideration
Ouch; that totally sucks.  I might get on okay with Lightroom maybe, with some experience; but I really don't want to give all my money to Adobe, or to conform to their lockstep upgrade requirements.
Yes indeed but that is big corporate for you.  Short on brains, mammoth/dinosaur-like and with no scruples as long as it shows +ve on the bottom line.   
This is a sad thing. Once Adobe entered the space it was like a vacuum sucking all the air out of the market. They make a good product (I use it and have ported Nostalgia to Lightroom), but it has always been more limited than Bibble/ASP for marketing purposes (don't want to step on PS's toes). It would be nice if Corel wasn't a pack of idiots but I have watched them operate for 20 years so this really isn't much of a surprise. Much luck to the Austin team -- some brilliant minds there and I hope they find good work.
if the whole team was fired they will form another company...
I'm a longtime Bibble user and beta tester. Was so sad to see them sell to Corel. Never bought AfterShot. I know Corel too well. 

Bibble 5 Pro still works just fine for me. Luckily, I have no interest in any camera beyond my D700 until Nikon comes up with a higher-ISO but-everything-else-pretty-much-the-same cam in the $2k to $3k price range. 

NEVER SELL your company if you care about your product andor your users. It NEVER WORKS for those entities.

Is that complex ??  Does noone else pay attention to corporate history ??  Esp. in the case of Corel, but not that much more so than in any case ??  Was this turn of events not predictable to anyone with a practical working IQ above 60 ??

The sad part is that Bibble Labs never had a competent sales and marketing staff, and blew the development time on Bibble 5. Sigh.

-- stan 

I'd hate having to move back to Macs (Win won't happen for me) to again get a decent RAW workflow once I buy a new camera! While I probably could get used to LightRoom, there's more reasons than the Linux argument that have kept me with Bibble/AfterShotPro. Having had to see BibbleLabs struggle with B5 was painful, and their selling out to Corel only gave me some hope - most of which is gone now.

All the best to the B5 development time. You guys rock!
Oh, no!

I've been a proud Bibble5 user for some years. Now I acquired a new camera and it's not supported by Bibble5 nor latest ASP. I think I better look for any alternatives (hard work in Linux :-(

BTW, I'm sure the devs will find a better job in a company where they are valued.
I was a happy Bibble user until they hit those roadblocks you mentioned, and delayed again and again delivering the new update. The free additions were nice, but there was crucial stuff that needed fixing that wasn't going to happen until the version 5 update, and by the time that happened, they'd lost me to Lightroom. But I always thought they set a gold standard for customer service in their forum activities.
I'm not THAT much into photography anymore, nor Linux, but this sucks big time... AfterShot was the only real alternative for me on Linux... I didn't get along to well with RawTherapee, darktable and the like once I learned of the power of programs like AfterShot (Bibble) and (of course) Lightroom sigh

It's heartbreaking... you want to support a product which is NOT mainstream and you get screwed...
very sad to say about this,
but now i wished the ASP was opensource code
the bibble5 team could go foward.........
This is very disturbing news. Looks like it's going to go downhill from now on. :-(
I've used Bibble since Bibble 4 and I really hope that your fears will prove unwarranted, though I see the pattern of Corel past behaviour...
First expensive software I bought and i got my fingers burnt already. Damn and my luck.
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