Corel is killing AfterShot

I have been using Bibble since day one of shooting digital.
Pretty soon I was part of the beta testers.
At that time, Bibble 4 was way ahead of the competition.
Bibble 5 looked like it would continue that way, but hit some roadblocks and lost quite a bit of its competitive edge.
So when Bibblelabs was bought by Corel I was hoping it would pick up speed again.
But then Corel decided on a slow update cycle which already sounded a bit frustrating (after all, why wait months for updates when the lab already has a bunch of fixes and new camera support ready)
And now, just after publicly announcing support for OpenCL:,3208-11.html
they fire the whole original development team.
I have been in contact with those guys for many years, been meeting them at Photokina and at the lab in Austin, so it did not take long for that news to reach me.

Brilliant move. Anyone who has the slightest clue about software development will notice right away, that this kills the product.
After all, this is a raw converter that depends on regular camera updates in addition to bugfixing and enhancements to stay competitive.

So what are those guys at Corel up to?
Play their customers for fools? Sell as much licensees as they can before the public realizes what's going on and the product fades into oblivion?
Try to sell the rights to someone else who will not have access to the most valuable asset, the developers that know the code?
After all, not only is the cost of getting new people to support the code not trivial, but the time hit the product takes is an even bigger problem.

In the end, they are basically killing the oldest independent RAW converter, the only decent workflow solution on the market that does not force a specific workflow down the users thhroat and the only decent production quality raw converter that is available on Linux.

Whichever way I look at this, it is not exiting at all.
Just loads of frustration thanks to mismanagement.
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