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This nonsense needs to be stopped!
Für alle Fotografen: UNTERSCHREIBEN!!!

Der Irrsinn muss ein Ende haben.

Und hier noch Infos in Deutsch dazu:
On 9 July 2015, the European Parliament might destroy photography. The Freedom of taking photos in public places is under attack. Until now, in most countries in Europe you were safe to take and publish photographs that are taken from public ground – This is called Freedom of Panorama. When you were on vacation, you could take a photo from the London Eye and share it with your friends on Facebook*. If someone wanted to pay you for using this p...
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No wonder most Software is crap.....
for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) { print(100 - i ); } - 82% of programmers couldn't do that on the first try.
I recently wrote a book on how we as professionals need to stop whining and start focusing on developing our skills. One data point that I obtained for the ...
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More proof of humankind's stupidity...
In further news, the US House of Representatives has continued their plans to bring about the Apocalypse, passing a bill (on almost exactly party lines) to effectively ban scientists from being on the EPA's scientific advisory board. Under these new rules, anyone who has done research on anything which the board studies is considered to have a conflict of interest, and therefore cannot sit on the board. Fortunately, simply having a financial stake in the matters which the board studies does not constitute a conflict of interest, so the scientific advisory board continues to be open to corporate public affairs officers, demented preachers, or roving madmen off the street.

The bill now proceeds to the Senate, where it has been referred to the Committee on Environment and Public Works. This is the committee chaired by Sen. Inhofe of Oklahoma, author of The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future and other light classics, in which he tells us that because of the existence of God, the "arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what He is doing in the climate is... outrageous." So in all, it's a good year for public affairs officers, demented preachers, and roving madmen off the street in all aspects of our government, and I forecast excellent career opportunities for each of these categories going forward. 

h/t +Peter da Silva for the link.
The GOP-dominated House passed a bill Tuesday that effectively prevents scientists who are peer-reviewed experts in their field from advising the EPA.
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From the Cyanide & Happiness cartoon, should be used in answering mails asking for free images ;-)
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So why is everyone using low contrast gray fonts for their blogs?
Looks like they do not want to be read.
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ACK, but still better than yellow on red :)
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If someone forces me to use flash, I consider it an attack.
the web works fine without flash installed, as i have been experiencing the last years. if a site doesnt work, they dont want you to see their content - remember, there are always alternative pages. there are. =)
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For those that still think they have nothing to hide....
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Why do we allow this shit to happen?
"Docker is the new 'curl | sudo bash'"
None of these "fancy" tools still builds by a traditional make command. Every tool has to come up with their own, incomptaible, and non-portable "method of the day" of building. And since nobody is still able to compile things from scratch, everybody just downloads precompiled binaries from ...
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it's not really at the standardization stage, but I think it's a good thing overall that people are exploring alternatives. CMake seems to be getting a lot of adoption and seems a lot nicer than autoconf. It's been working pretty well for me in the contexts where I've tried it, and it does a reasonable job of supporting modular build time components including versioning requirements. It can generate plain old Makefiles or Ninja rules at the user's requests, so old school users should be happy also.

I think ROS is a nice example for using CMake effectively, and shows off the extensibility support. Adding a new RPC service including custom message wire formats for request+response is just a few lines, and other components can then use that easily.
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The Charles played as supporting act before The Whiskey Foundation yesterday at Muffathalle. What a pleasant surprise. I hope there will be more published material soon.
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Auch Deutschland will zum Überwachungsstaat werden.....
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