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Need some help please with my new SONY A5000 camera.

What schould i have to do to on the camera to get a sharp picture from a fish in a aquarim? I tried many different settings but i have no clue of photography - i only get pictures with sharp background but with blurred fish :-(

I played around with presets like sport and nature, moving people and take pictures with long and short open lens...

+Christoph Bauer?

Just wonder why this shit of SQL will work in PostgreSQL:


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Just found on Github :-D

Did you ever played with #nodejs , #electron  and built a stupid application in a simple browser window with pure HTML and Javascript?

Try it, it's easy and funny :-)

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Just coding a new xorg display manager, ist's almost finished and amazing - written in QT-5.4 under Ubuntu 15.10. Do you like it?
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Sounds something like Depeche Mode :-)

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Have a nice last week this year :-)

Started and published today a new PHP framework named "Simplified". It works as the known "Laravel" framework, but it's a lot smaller so you dont get all the big things. You decide what to install, you decide what you need.

Use this framework for very small projects, without all the overhead of other known frameworks ;-)

Install it via composer:
composer create-project simplified/simplified . "1.0*"

Or simply look at github:

If you have any questions, please ask.
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