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Can Different Shades Of Text Help Separate Rumor From Fact In The News?

Interesting idea by Quartz writer Adam Epstein

"Epstein essentially designed a new kind of news story, wherein sentences are color coded based on the reliability of the information behind them. At the top of the article, there is a key, which explains the how the shading works"
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Yeah Jeff yo right
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Luckily, there is an off switch...

How the Kremlin and the Media Ended Up in Bed Together

"It is a bitter story of how the Russian media, with very few exceptions, have abandoned, sometimes through coercion, but mostly voluntarily and even eagerly, their mission of informing the public and have turned into creators of the Matrix-like artificial reality where imaginary heroes and villains battle tooth and nail in Russia's Armageddon."

The Moscow Times ►

Corporate America is colonizing your mind. And you're letting them.

"When was the last time you were truly alone with your own thoughts, with no distractions, for more than a few moments? For most people, the honest answer is probably very unsettling."

The Week ►

picture - Andrew Huff ►
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I find it interesting how most of his opponents end up brutally murdered. Conspiracy?
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"No one should ever be surprised to be in the newspaper"

When you take content produced explicitly or implicitly out of its context, you're violating social norms," said boyd. As she asked, "just because we can rupture obscurity, should we? Just because we can publicize content, should we?"

If you publish conversations from those networks without notice or consent, expect participants to be upset. Just because tweets are public doesn't mean journalists with a huge platform should automatically amplify them, particularly if doing so doesn't serve a newsworthy purpose or serve the public interest...
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A PACKET of four-inch roofing nails is mysteriously selling to the public without having a Facebook page.
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+Alastair Walker ? Slate roofs are nailed all over EU and last 50 years without leaks. Shingles are nailed in all over US and last 20-25 years w/o leaks. It's just that the nail is always covered by the next layer up...
In the UK however there is so much rain, water drips move up against gravity, so It is very hard for nailed roofs not to leak ;)
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Andreas Bieler

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The Network v The Hierarchy

"...the vote on independence isn’t just about escaping Westminster’s supercharged neoliberalism – though it offers that chance too. There’s also a different story of the modern age here: the network v the hierarchy."

Adam Ramsay: The British state is an imperial behemoth that can only look on in panic as Scots scramble for the lifeboats
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well can you stop begging us to leave 
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+Scot Matheson  Outside :)
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Media blackout: would I be happier if I didn't read the news?
by Jesse Armstrong

"My engagement with the news, like a lot of people’s, is on the whole a mess. It’s all about my position. Occasionally a spike of true connection with the victims of history will come through, but those moments tend to lead nowhere. Maybe a charitable donation. Maybe a mini speech to someone I know (subtext: I really care about this, do you?). Maybe, once in a decade, I will go on a march or write a letter to someone. But usually not."

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i ve been on a "news blackout" for a few years. and i have noticed that people thrive on retelling the most awful news. some are traumatized beyond empathy by the details in news articles, and others experience schadenfreud when the news involves the downfall of a fameous person. newspapers use a 7th grade reading level so there is no value in the news. save for the weather, sports, and announcements. shallow perhaps, however, crime is not news unless there is a BOLO or Amber Alert to report. 
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The BBC has become frightened of its own journalists and sees them as the enemy.

The old relationship between journalists and editors has been supplanted: where editors once made the decisions and took the flak, now those decisions – on any project which might seem politically risky – are referred upwards to three shadowy 'advisory' groups known as EdPol (Editorial Policy), High Risk and Safety; projects which worry the bosses can be cancelled by invoking objections from these groups, whose only job is to keep the BBC out of trouble.

Moreover, proper investigations require money and manpower, which is one more reason for dropping them; Panorama's funding and staffing is currently being cut to the bone.
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This is a problem that most broadcasters are facing. State monopolies were broken during the seventies and it gave us a flow of independent news organizations that went after the story. Then the monopolies were back in another form, multinationals and cartels.
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The View from Nowhere: Questions and Answers
Jay Rosen

"When MSNBC suspends Keith Olbermann for donating without company permission to candidates he supports– that’s dumb.

When NPR forbids its “news analysts” from expressing a view on matters they are empowered to analyze– that’s dumb.

When reporters have to “launder” their views by putting them in the mouths of think tank experts: dumb.

When editors at the Washington Post decline even to investigate whether the size of rallies on the Mall can be reliably estimated because they want to avoid charges of “leaning one way or the other,” as one of them recently put it, that is dumb.

When CNN thinks that, because it’s not MSNBC and it’s not Fox, it’s the only the “real news network” on cable, CNN is being dumb about itself."
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How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life

I found no evidence that punitive shaming fell out of fashion as a result of newfound anonymity. But I did find plenty of people from centuries past bemoaning the outsize cruelty of the practice, warning that well-meaning people, in a crowd, often take punishment too far.
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"The truth is political journalism in this country is an enormous failure. Most reporters covering it are far more like the type of person they are reporting on than the one reading it. Political journalism is complicit in Westminster's dominance of political debate. The last few weeks in Scotland have shown how shallow and false and dangerous that is. Westminster is not the political debate. It is a carnival of folly, a grotesque soap opera.

We need journalism that cares about the world, not just the grey-suited middle-aged men who write the rules. That type of coverage, combined with electoral reform and devolution, might actually create a political class worth reading about.

We came so close to catastrophe last night. It was within touching distance of the end of Britain. For many powerful people, in politics and the media, the temptation is now to slink back into a day-to-day reality which rather suits them. That would not just be irresponsible. It would be an act of warfare against Britain. Because the only way to save the country now is to change it radically.

That's not just constitutional reform. It includes our politics, the way we conduct it and the manner in which we report it."
Britain might feel relief, but the Scottish independence referendum is one of the most damning indictments of our country we've ever seen
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Well, they did write a few (52) words eventually:
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Good to know mainstream media are consistantly bad they should hold there heads in shame but then ya have to have morals and they dont
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