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Andrea Volpini - Visionary Entrepreneur
Andrea Volpini - Visionary Entrepreneur


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Started in May 2007 with only 12 interlinked datasets, year after year, this bubble chart, where each bubble is a new knowledge graph, has witnessed the expansion of the connected knowledge. In July 2018 in the LOD Cloud diagram, there are 1224 datasets (this is an x100 growth since the first edition) πŸ‘‰ and among them, we are happy to see our first datasets (created with +WordLift) #semanticseo
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Here attached the presentation +David Riccitelli and myself have given at SEMANTiCS 2018. Also very interesting for this group the slide deck presented by Dr. +Harald Sack during the Vienna Semantics and AI Meetup πŸ‘‰ cc +WordLift #Semantics #LinkedData

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Few quick findings:

1. how to start interacting with +Wikidata
2. how to interlink your data with +Wikidata
3. the difference between Machine-Readable IDs created when Freebase still existed and after (here the credit goes to +Mike Arnesen and +Aaron Bradley)
4. a great new tool to visualize the +Wikidata graph (
5. how to claim your Google Knowledge Graph Panel (I am sure most of you already tried it)
6. the importance of managing your own information by publishing it at your own terms

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A first attempt to help webmasters drive traffic to their websites using Actions on Google πŸš€ and #LinkedData.

While the way you can iterate and improve voice apps is still somehow limited, the voice consumer market is expanding and we have been able to engage in few hours with hundreds of users by re-using the content from our website.

Is anyone else experimenting with #GoogleActions? I'll love to hear more!

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An extensive article on #semanticseo for +WordPress​written by +Gennaro Cuofano​ for +WP Engine​ πŸ‘
What is Semantic SEO? Why is it important?

In this guide by +Gennaro Cuofano on +Torque Magazine, you can find everything you need to know, step by step and in plain terms.

Start here πŸ‘‡

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So glad to read this interview +Teodora Petkova, with Mike Aterthon. We shall never forget the importance of the designing content-first approach that Mike has taught us with his always-brilliant presentations! And, of course, impressed by your poetry as usual - "a multidimensional nautilus with Fibonacci numbers woven into its structure"
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It's time to put your Semantic SEO skills to test πŸ€” Simply shout out loud and clear β€œOk Google, talk to Dr. Search Marketingβ€œ to any Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones or iOS 9.0+ phones w/ the Google Assistant installed and you will meet +WordLift's Semantic SEO trivia chatbot πŸŽ‰πŸ€–.


After having spent these past months on creating apps for the Google Assistant, setting up a simple trivia on Semantic SEO to put friends, family and clients on the hot seat became a real mission πŸ™‚

I hope you will enjoy and I will keep on adding new questions (and answers), so don't be shy and write me back with your suggestions!

Who knows, maybe one day, +Aaron Bradley and +Jarno van Driel will feel more relaxed having Dr. Search Marketing welcoming new members of this amazing community!

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Wanna see your website talking with your audience?

▢️ Last Thursday +Scott Abel (aka +The Content Wrangler) and +Andrea Volpini explained how to do the magic, starting from the basics.

Did you miss the webinar? Don't worry! You can always see the registration on BrightTALK. πŸ€“

Just find one free hour and grab a scratch pad. πŸ“

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For a very long time, semantic technologies had struggled to find a commercial application in the digital marketing space. Now things have changed. Here is my report from SEMANTiCS 2017 πŸ€™
Β«The vision of organizing content and creating - out of millions of web pages - a Giant Global Graph was ground breaking.
I have been following this path in the last ten years - really.
After these intense two days at SEMANTiCS 2017 I can finally see this whole vision becoming a reality.Β»
Follow our CEO +Andrea Volpini to Amsterdam and back and find out how semantic SEO is evolving into a new generation of AI-driven SEO tools. πŸš€

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What is a WordCamp? How do people in the WordPress community look like? What’s the magic behind the people that power 28 percent of the Web?
We were in Paris last week for the WCEU, and here are our take-aways!
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