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Andrea Parducci
Provo, imparo, vivo. Tre volte nel bene, tre volte nel male.
Provo, imparo, vivo. Tre volte nel bene, tre volte nel male.

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(almost) farewell, Cassini! Men, I love space...

Ola +Richard Woolcock! Wanna some feedback?
I (finally) had time to read the rules. Of course, I see the SW roots into them, and this is positive, 'cause it's a fairly robust traditional RpG system. I see as you tried to shape it in a new creature, starting from all those houserules that I'm mostly apply in my games too.
Here's what I noticed so far.
Complications I don't like them. I feel it should be a mechanic related to Karma and/or Player decision. Ie: (Karma related) every time the GM inflicts a Complication, the player should be awarded with a Karma point (at the end of the round). This is similar to Fate aspect compels, and I find it a clever rule, 'cause if you don't have a prize at the end of the complication, most players could argue "ehi, why I got a complication, and the other player not?" or "ehi, this is the 3rd complication I got in a row... are you upset with me?" etc. Then (Player decision), another powerful mechanic stolen from Cortex+ could be to leave the Complications into the Players' hands. It isn't the GM starting the Complication. It's the player that can say "ehi, 'cause I have this Flaw, I feel appropriate to risk a complication at this point" or "wow, I feel this action is pretty risky and cool, put a complication in it". So, this is pretty fair, 'cause they decided when to risk - and of course they will be awarded with Karma at the end. I saw that, with this method, you avoid the feeling that the GM is playing against them, or - worst - he's "punishing" only some of them.
Initiative while I like the choice of "who go first?" in the players' hands, and the "Heroes go first than GM enemies", I don't feel the game is made richer by the "initiative ranks" fast - medium - slow ones. I feel you could find other methods (ie. have creatures and heroes with a fixed initiative rank 1, 2, 3 etc. and of course all the creature with "3" go before all the creature with "2"... or something like that) and I think that you should absolutely avoid the Wit roll EVERY ROUND. There's no need to recalculate initiative every round, this kill the speed of the game a lot! I feel no one has the necessity to change that order. A single check when the combat begins (if you really want a variable initiative order) is more than adequate. And, if you really want to keep a mechanic to variate the initiative during the combat, you could insert that in the actions list. So, a player could renounce to a single action (for example) for retrying the Wit roll and hoping to climb the initiative order.
Ok, that's all for now. Good luck for your project!

So, pretty dumb question. I go into the Blades in the Dark Digital Download page, and I see there are lot of "files" to download.
Blades v8 Distribution II
Special Edition Pledge Download
Special Edition Pledge Download #2
Special Edition Pledge Download #3
Special Edition Pledge Download #4
Blades in the Dark Digital Rewards Download of Standard

Do I need all of them? From what I see, they are zip and some of the downloads seems to point to the same file.
What I have to download, to finally enjoy the final PDF?

Maybe you already noticed, however at page 82 of Dresden Files Accelerated, in the purple box, you can't see the "Fate dice symbols" in the phrase "simply read any 5 or 6 as , 1 or 2 as , and 3 or 4 as ."
It's like there was a problem with the embedding of the font into the PDF, I think.
Any other can double check that?

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Really nice! Torchlight 2 OST for free, by the game's creators!

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Eh, è passata una trentina d'anni, ma questa colonna sonora è ancora nel cuore.

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PORCA PUTTANA!!! Il gioco di carte di Sanremo!!!!11!1!!!
S A N R E M O N!!!!!!!! X-D

HOLY SHIT! Italian Sanremo card game! LOL!

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Well, it's out :D

(ps. Page 9, one of the ships is wrongly called "Nether")

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