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Andrea Nixon (Andy Nix Pix)
photographer, designer and wilderness lover
photographer, designer and wilderness lover

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Sometimes things move so fast! You'll be receiving a lot more forest photos in the next while — I'm packing up here and moving there... next week!

I am so grateful for all the encouragement and affirmations, ideas and suggestions, and the pre-pre-orders I received in response to my idea to take a sabbatical and bring my book into being! Things have moved so much faster than I expected, and also flowed so smoothly, aligning so comfortably, that it couldn't possibly have been planned! (Serendipitously, I left for The Crags in the Southern Cape on a suggestion and a whim soon after posting my email, thanks to nightly roadworks outside my home making any sleep impossible for a week or so... and then found a wonderful place to stay in the forest!)
So things have been a bit of a blur and and a mad rush before the calm, and I'm in the middle of sorting and packing home up once again. (Seems to be settling into a three-to-four year thing for me this century!)

And don't worry, while my internet reception will (delightfully) be minimal, there's still enough for me to continue giving my slightly erratic, sort-of-weekly e-pressie! (Incidentally, this also happens to be its eleventh anniversary!)
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Pic of the Week: Shine

Chatting to a friend in that delightful intuitively spontaneous way that sometimes happens,
I heard the words come out of my mouth
that her shine is always there
even when it's covered by bits of grime life has thrown.
A reminder
that the grime is not us,
just layered over, dulling our shine
when it's been laid on too thick and fast.
And our shine,
like the brilliant clouds on the other side of sunset,
reflects and transforms
the light from those that shine around us
bringing to light
each our own unique form of beauty.

May you feel the inner warmth of your glow even when you can't see your shine...

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Wet Air... and may the ground be wet too!
(Prints available from US$45)

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I still have a few calendars available at R190 each, with proceeds going to SAFCEI. You can order them online from
Thank you! :)

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Whoop whoop whoop! After watching the sky-show for a couple of days, the clouds are finally relinquishing a fair portion of their load over us here in Muizenberg. Happy stuff!

Wishing you a midsummer (or midwinter, as the case may be) stuffed full of appreciation.

Wall art prints are available...

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Yippee! My limited edition 2017 calendars are printed and ready to go out! If you'd like to buy visit to place your order. Thank you! :)

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As I revelled recently in the enchanting light of the little 'berg forests, my spirit rejoined my body. (I suspect, however, that my mind remains obstinately lost.) I was smitten with the Drakensberg from my very first visit in the early nineties and it remains my favourite place on our planet. I like to think I could quite happily live in a little eco house on the edge of this forest wthere the grassy slopes meet the cooling shade of the hardwood trees with the miniature falls of fresh clear mountain water, moods ever varied by the fast changing weather.
And as with any good holiday, it was blissfully endless and all too short. I'm wondering more and more how we got ourselves into this messy state so many of us seem to be in: too busy making a living to live, to not only pay attention but to give attention, time and caring energy to the things that really matter to us, the people we care for (which includes ourselves) and our environments.
Sometimes it feels like our time and energy is slowly leaked in unnoticed bits and pieces to our screens. Over the last month or so I've been experimenting with limiting my screen time, with more paper-based reading, two-way communications (like arranging to meet with people so we can see each other's real smiles instead of the little round, yellow, fun yet hollow substitures) and even my personal photography has been limited to my Camsung, which doesn't require the hours of computer time to render a finished image that the Brikon demands (until my trip up country for my sister Olivea's wedding and a little holiday in the 'berg re-enthused my motivation for framing light just so to create images purely for my own enjoyment).
So, having freed up some time that was previously filled with pictures of my friends' delicious meals and beloved pets, reading their political and environmental views, and either giggling alone at the things that make them laugh or feeling alone with the things that are getting them down, that time has, oddly, not been filled with more eye contact whilst sharing delicious (photogenic or otherwise) meals, discussing views and information, and hugging in tears of laughter or heartache. Perhaps when one drops off social media one drops off the social radar, but I suspect the drop off of tangible social contact is because everyone's time is siphoned off by the unfulfilling (for me, at least) surrogates of social media. (And the incessant, increasing, demands of work-related electronic communications which people are too busy fending off during office hours to perform the work they are employed to do, but that is a whole 'nother bugbear.)
But that's enough for now, and I've also had enough of the incessant vibrations shaking my windows and rattling my walls (not to mention my ribcage) from the steam roller flattening what's left of the Muizenberg East Nature Reserve for more apartments, so I'm going to go out and make eye contact with anyone who's not hunched over a screen.
Hope you're not too screen-whelmed and are enjoying some real, tangible and soul-filling connections!
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