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Andrea Memenas
Savvy marketer. Customer experience crusader. Saucy mama. Occasional moron.
Savvy marketer. Customer experience crusader. Saucy mama. Occasional moron.

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I smile...a lot.

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So, someone took this photo of me pre-coffee today...

This morning, I woke at 4:30am and didn't have anything pressing I needed to get done, so I did what I used to do - went poking around the internet to find something interesting to read. I visited blogs I hadn't been to for awhile, news sites, (which used to never let me down) and more.

Is it just me or has internet content become boring in the past year? Are we running out of things to say? 

If you have recommendations on which corners of the internet I should explore, I'd love to hear it...

There are so many awesome women in my "Smart Chicks" circle that it exceeds G+'s 500-people-shared-at-once limit...You really need to follow these ladies. It will immediately make your G+ experience better.

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True. I answer to this. 

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This movie - The Other Dream Team - just premiered in LA and NYC this weekend to terrific reviews. I was fortunate enough to see it on Saturday night. It will make you laugh, it'll make you cry. It's such a great story of life under Communist occupation and what freedom meant to this small but mighty country of 3 million people...and there's great basketball and Grateful Dead in the mix too. Please go see it. We need more movies like this.

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Love the panorama photo feature!

Hate spawns hate. Social media has made abusing freedom of speech easier than ever before...and the ramifications greater than ever before. 

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Hate gets us nowhere. Thinking that everyone of a certain race or religion are bad people is ignorant. Please take a moment to look at these photos and share. 
 Today was pro-USA demonstration in Benghazi condemning the attacks on the embassy.

Everyone needs to see this, please share this. I have a feeling it will be swept under the rug by the major news outlets.

We cannot lump all the people of the middle east in with terrorists and extremists. I have known several Muslims in my life, and I know many Christians who are infinitely more radical and prone to violence than they are.
There are over a billion Muslims. You cannot say one view point is shared by that many people, it simply isn't true.

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This is the first iPhone that I haven't wanted to run out and buy right away. I feel so mature.
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