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I'm exited to share that I've joined the communications team at We Mean Business - a coalition of partners that include The B Team, BSR, Ceres, CDP (and more) working for BOLD #climate  action from global corporate leadership - all leading up to (and through) the Paris #COP21  talks.  This is my post on this next step in my career...
Climate change needs bold corporate action. Andrea Learned is joining the We Mean Business Coalition team to momentum on the “road to” Paris COP21.
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Andrea Learned

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Powerful images - thanks to +The Guardian 
How do you raise awareness about population explosion? One group thought that the simplest way would be to show people
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Interesting research from +Yale Environment 360  - Project on Climate Change Communication in this +Bloomberg Business piece - including this sliver of a positive:

"Americans are in strongest agreement about funding research into renewable energy. Solar and wind energy have already matured enough in several states that they are competitive with or cheaper than conventional electricity..."

#climatechange   #US  
Researchers publish a new mapping tool that estimates county-level public opinion
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Writing and social media have been incredibly key in my world (especially in my work)  - I know.

Read this and celebrate your introverted ways...
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Added my comment to this +Triple Pundit piece by +Andrea Newell , taking full note of this: 

"Riding declines with age; more men ride than women

The report also gathered data about gender, age and regional location of participants. The percentage of people that ride decreases with age, along with frequency. Participation in both recreational and transportation riding also goes down with age, although only recreation frequency declined with age. Interestingly, adults 25 to 34 are notably infrequent transportation riders, with 46 percent reporting riding only between one and five days total.

A higher percentage of men than women reported riding, and more men than women ride for both recreation and transportation. Among riders, those in the south rode more frequently, while more riders in the west rode for transportation. Participants in the northeast were the most likely to never have ridden a bike at all and were least likely to in the future."

#futurebike   #womenbike   #sustainableliving   #bikes   #women  
PeopleforBikes released a report detailing American bicycling participation that examines bicycle riding of any kind, not just recreational riders or transportation use. It found higher participation rates than previously reported and frequency rates they would like to improve.
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Thanks for sharing! 
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Those interested in developing their own thought leadership, and who have been hesitating about posting on LinkedIn - read this. How quickly you see results (in reconnections, new inquiries, etc.) makes up for the fear factor you may have to overcome.

(Or, at least that's what my clients have told me...)

#leadership   #socialbiz   #socialmedia  
Self-publishing via LinkedIn Pulse — or writing blog posts on LinkedIn that target its vast user base — can help you gain visibility in your industry, make new connections and find new career opportunities.
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Extremely interesting piece on climate change scientist who knows her storytelling (we need more of these!) - Manjana Milkoreit.

A quote from the +Think Progress piece by Joe Romm.

If you are wondering how one becomes the world’s expert on climate change and “Game of Thrones” [aka GOT], the answer is two things. First, you write a 40-page scholarly paper, “Winter is Coming”: Can Game of Thrones change Climate Change Politics? Then you get Reuters to write a story about you, “Is ‘Game of Thrones’ aiding the global debate on climate change?”

Dr. Milkoreit’s paper is not online yet, but I have read a draft. A key point, as the conclusion states, is:
Humans are story-tellers. GOT is offering its mainly American audience a wealth of story-telling material that political actors are beginning to use to make interventions in ongoing debates about climate change.
For most, Sunday's season premiere of “Game of Thrones” on HBO means a return to a sweeping story of politics, intrigue, love, and death filled with nudity and violence. For a smaller group, it's a return to a sweeping parable of climate change, filled with nudity and violence. This is their story.
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#climatechange   denial... and ALEC's methods.  Corporations are getting wise.. and dropping their affiliation. Great piece via +NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) 

"But let's not focus too much on denier taxonomy. What ALEC pretends to say or not say about climate science is not the concern - the real problem is ALEC's full-throated opposition to any type of solution that cuts carbon pollution or fosters clean energy. The good news is that ALEC's attempts to block EPA's Clean Power Plan and to hold back climate solutions have largely been fizzling. To date, ALEC-inspired bills to block or delay the Clean Power Plan have been defeated in Colorado, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota, and Virginia. ALEC has failed in twice as many states as it has succeeded so far. We expect that trend to continue, as roughly a dozen states have CPP attack bills languishing in committees."
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Brown lawns make people REALLY take notice of #climatechange  .  The ultimate in "local" impact when all else going on around the globe just wasn't urgent enough.

You've got to love +Andy Borowitz 
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Amazing how we focus on that which directly affects us in the moment & have less ability to think long-term or empathize with impact on others. Thanks for sharing +Andrea Learned.
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Great one from +Amy Westervelt 

"Companies are beginning to look not just at measuring their carbon footprints and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but at reducing their reliance on materials and systems threatened by climate change."


Corporations #actonclimate  - let's name & fame those we see to keep the momentum growing...

#climate   #wemeanit  
As the planet warms, new careers are starting to emerge
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Love that the #CopenhagenWheel  is making its splash...  

I celebrate anything that gets more people on #bikes  !
Finally, the Copenhagen Wheel is going into production.
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Great idea
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I agree with this piece by +David Holzmer , especially his closing:

"As we move deeper into the often-awkward shift from industrial heroicism to social interdependence, organizations of all kinds must look closely at what it means to be “social”. Social is more than a buzzword, and it’s more than having a company Twitter account. At its center a social mindset is about a more dynamic and integrative way of seeing the world.

For organizations commited to thriving in this new era, social must be at the heart of their worldview–how its culture and leadership understands reality and their role in it. Nothing better reflects this understanding than how those in authority–day in, day out–balance their commitment between expertise and the creative processes of collaborative sensemaking."

#collaboration   #leadership  
If organizations are going to thrive in turbulent times, they must surrender many of their most cherished assumptions and start leveraging the power of collaborative knowledge. But this won't be ea...
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Great share. I agree as well, but making this kind of culture shift seems impossible. Easier to build from scratch than to see an org make this shift.
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I am a writer and communications  strategist who coaches business professionals on using social media as a "face to face" relationship and thought leadership building tool.  My background in marketing to women (I co-authored the book, "Don’t Think Pink") gives me a unique perspective on both stakeholder engagement and business leadership. I write about corporate social responsibility, sustainability and social media engagement for HuffingtonPost, The Guardian, Greenbiz, CSRWire, LearnedOn (my own blog) and other publications. I moderated a panel on using Twitter for sustainability thought leadership development at the February 2015 Greenbiz Forum, and am honored to be on the TriplePundit list of 30 CSR Pros to Follow in 2015.

In addition to G+,  I'm also active on Twitter ( @AndreaLearned) and LinkedIN. 

I am an urban biking fanatic, and love getting around Seattle by pedal. There's a 75% chance that is what I'm up to when I'm not online.
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