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Writing and social media have been incredibly key in my world (especially in my work)  - I know.

Read this and celebrate your introverted ways...
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Added my comment to this +Triple Pundit piece by +Andrea Newell , taking full note of this: 

"Riding declines with age; more men ride than women

The report also gathered data about gender, age and regional location of participants. The percentage of people that ride decreases with age, along with frequency. Participation in both recreational and transportation riding also goes down with age, although only recreation frequency declined with age. Interestingly, adults 25 to 34 are notably infrequent transportation riders, with 46 percent reporting riding only between one and five days total.

A higher percentage of men than women reported riding, and more men than women ride for both recreation and transportation. Among riders, those in the south rode more frequently, while more riders in the west rode for transportation. Participants in the northeast were the most likely to never have ridden a bike at all and were least likely to in the future."

#futurebike   #womenbike   #sustainableliving   #bikes   #women  
PeopleforBikes released a report detailing American bicycling participation that examines bicycle riding of any kind, not just recreational riders or transportation use. It found higher participation rates than previously reported and frequency rates they would like to improve.
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Thanks for sharing! 
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Those interested in developing their own thought leadership, and who have been hesitating about posting on LinkedIn - read this. How quickly you see results (in reconnections, new inquiries, etc.) makes up for the fear factor you may have to overcome.

(Or, at least that's what my clients have told me...)

#leadership   #socialbiz   #socialmedia  
Self-publishing via LinkedIn Pulse — or writing blog posts on LinkedIn that target its vast user base — can help you gain visibility in your industry, make new connections and find new career opportunities.
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Argh.. Koch Brothers have hand in college athletic departments.  Lew Blaustein of #GreenSports  Blog tells the story.
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Essentially, buying silence. Sorry to see my alma mater, +Wisconsin Badgers, get mixed up in this deal as well... 
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Quick insight from Elon Musk.  One concept/image that resonated: 

"One bit of advice: it is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree — make sure you understand the fundamental principles, ie the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details or there is nothing for them to hang on to."

#leadership   #leadershipdevelopment   #wisdom   via +Shane Parrish 
In his AMA on reddit, Elon Musk talks about how to build knowledge.
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My latest for +The Huffington Post - on getting more business leaders on Twitter!

A quote:

"When leaders are regularly on Twitter -- even if only to monitor key topics, there is much less chance they'll be disconnected from important changes in consumer, vendor or market tides. Instead, those who lead through social media will notice ideas, conversations and research as they happen. Along the way, they will have prepped themselves to more nimbly and wisely grow their companies. And, they will have grown a ready community to help.

Whatever your industry, incredible Twitter conversations are happening."

#socialmedia   #leadership   #Twitter  
The long established brand emphasis on raising business-to-consumer awareness (B2C) has lead to neglect of the as-important opportunities in developing business-to-business (B2B) thought leadership....
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Great one from +Amy Westervelt 

"Companies are beginning to look not just at measuring their carbon footprints and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but at reducing their reliance on materials and systems threatened by climate change."


Corporations #actonclimate  - let's name & fame those we see to keep the momentum growing...

#climate   #wemeanit  
As the planet warms, new careers are starting to emerge
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Love that the #CopenhagenWheel  is making its splash...  

I celebrate anything that gets more people on #bikes  !
Finally, the Copenhagen Wheel is going into production.
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Great idea
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I agree with this piece by +David Holzmer , especially his closing:

"As we move deeper into the often-awkward shift from industrial heroicism to social interdependence, organizations of all kinds must look closely at what it means to be “social”. Social is more than a buzzword, and it’s more than having a company Twitter account. At its center a social mindset is about a more dynamic and integrative way of seeing the world.

For organizations commited to thriving in this new era, social must be at the heart of their worldview–how its culture and leadership understands reality and their role in it. Nothing better reflects this understanding than how those in authority–day in, day out–balance their commitment between expertise and the creative processes of collaborative sensemaking."

#collaboration   #leadership  
If organizations are going to thrive in turbulent times, they must surrender many of their most cherished assumptions and start leveraging the power of collaborative knowledge. But this won't be ea...
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Great share. I agree as well, but making this kind of culture shift seems impossible. Easier to build from scratch than to see an org make this shift.
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Andrea Learned

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Super interesting +Pacific Standard piece on partisan difference in being/proclaiming happy.  A quote:

"...a disconnect between one’s actual and insisted-upon emotional state surely leads to internal stress, and self-deception tends to eventually crumble, often in painful ways. Remember, Socrates—perhaps the first philosopher to assert that we can, with effort, find genuine happiness—also insisted on the importance of self-knowledge."
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Andrea Learned

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Interesting data/analysis of journalism vs public relations jobs. A quote from Mark Palko - therein:

"My biggest concerns about the role of PR in modern journalism are not the question of accuracy or bias, though both of those are important. What really concerns me is the way these outside influences determine what does and does not get covered and the lack of awareness (or at least acknowledgement) on the part of the press."

#PR   #journalism  - and what gets covered (or not).
The numbers tell the story: While journalism declines, the number of jobs in public relations is increasing.
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Our beer drinking has costs beyond the price of a pint. Love seeing breweries sign on to #climateaction  

Great piece from +Leon Kaye and +Triple Pundit 
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Thanks for sharing, Andrea!
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