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If you haven't found love in a scentless place, maybe you're not looking in the right spots. But chances are you haven't exhausted all your options unless you've given a Pheromone Party a whirl.
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Why not?! Could not be worse than any other form of dating....
Why not just get a part time job at a laundry and select from 1000's?
That's wrong on so many levels. I should put one of the t-shirts the I wear when I play tennis on Sundays in one of those bags, I'd kill this fad in a single stroke
Scent is a big source of attraction for me, but this makes it into a form of fetishism.
My first though is eww for sure. Though after I put a little thought into it it does make sense, I mean we are basically animals and you know how parents tend to be like oh my baby smells good (when they are clean no dirty diaper) and I'm like nope.
It is the same and we do put perfume or cologne on to attract people so sent does matter. I just do think it seems like an odd way but I think the reasoning behind it makes sense.
I don't think I'd run out and do it though...
Pheromones are incredibly important to human attraction, but one needn't go to lengths such as these. Just don't wear cover-ups like perfume and cologne and aftershave and scented soaps, etc., and if you feel you must wear antiperspirant - understandable in these hygiene-obsessed times - go easy on it, and use an unscented, non-deodorant type. Not that I studied The Joy of Sex as a youth.

How well does it work? I've no scientific evidence, but I'm quite naturalistic in my hygiene and I think any reasonable observer would agree I've been luckier than I've any right to be in the arena of love, so it probably at least hasn't held me back.
Jim Lai
Pheromones? More like major histocompatability complex. From 2008:
Quote: Women preferred T-shirts from men whose MHC was most different from their own. What was more, women with similar MHCs favoured the use of similar commercial perfumes. This suggests that the role of such perfumes may be to flag up the underlying body scent rather than mask it.... [T]he only people for whom MHC matching might not be expected to work are women on the Pill.
lol@ +Peter DO Smith if women had the nose as sensitive as a dog, they would never be around people(men or women)

I think the joke is on all of you here anyway, falling for this plainly non-logical idea of pheromones on a shirt. First of all, if all it took were pheromones, then every single woman would be attracted to every male without exception as soon as she got a proboscis full of pheromones. This makes no sense at all.

Secondly, guys go to bars for one thing, and it's not to listen to women talk. Since men are sexually primed when they go to a bar, they invariably exude pheromones 10 times normal limits, and if that meant anything, then the women would be jumping on every single guy that came into the bar as soon as he walked in. Again, totally not logical and not happening.

Don't be a victim of the pheromone hoax.
+Rocket Wolf Was someone claiming pheromones were irresistible, automatic, universal and all-controlling? They're not, absolutely; I don't think anyone here would disagree on that point. But they do - well, they can - play a crucial role in selection and bonding.
mar mar
come on all the time in my class boys use of cigarette
why the boy are in this way?
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