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Taking breaks while practicing new skills helps you learn better

"On the second day, it was found that the control group had mastered the task better than the overtraining group, despite training for only half the time. Likewise the waking consolidation group had also learnt better than the overtrainers, even though the two groups had spent the same total time training."
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Taking a break while trying to solve hard problems also seems to help.  I think the brain does a lot - probably most! - of its processing at an unconscious level.  With really hard math problems, I find I need to get totally engrossed in them, really feel the pain of not solving them, then think about other things, etc., repeating this cycle a few times, and then finally I start having good ideas.
I have some skills that I have been taking a break from for more than a decade.
That's why I use the "Pomodoro Approach" when studying or working.
ADHD: evolutionary changes to help people faced with an ever-increasing barrage of information synthesize and learn said information by forcing breaks in their intake?
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