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Anil Das
One day I shot an elephant in my pajamas.

How did it get in my pajamas? That is irr-elephant.
we did. no one has used it since it means paying taxes in more than one fiscal quarter at a time .the fees can be staggering .the penalties,and interest alone boggle the mind.
then you get into death tax if you travel forward, and inheritance tax if you go back .it just gets worse and worse .seriously .
+Anthony Fawcett Was thinking along similar lines except I my direction was, wouldn't that mean that we would already have time travel since the when is irrelevant?
technically switching time zones is time travel
quarks are subatomic particles that travel backward in time .GOT QUARK?
yeha toldaly but one thig i need it now
I want time travel too and also a cookie.
I already read this tomorrow.
Hey, I'm from the future and comes here telling you that!
time travel is possible by jumping off a building ...
Somehow "Yesterday" seemed the most appropriate response to the second question....
definitely maybe ... honestly. ;-{)} FORWARD! LOL...
It never will happen, if it hasn't happened already.
Essy K
I think there was time travel, but then someone went back to the past and screwed us all over.
Either anything that matter is happened yet for visitors from the future to come, or it is simply impossible to do it. Or.... perhaps aliens are actually humans from the future hahahaha
Considering half these people can't even construct a full sentance, I can see how they can't wrap their mind around the theories behind time travel.
I read the Hawking article and realized he was more arrogant than I gave him credit for. What makes him think we are so special that anyone would want to visit our time?
IF an imperfect believes whatever, instead of any search towards truth... what is that but a whatever circular argument in any and every time loop... like an angry delivery of today's elementary non-sequitur, by just another transparent chameleon: "they don't get, who we are". the poet said... "full of sound and fury...signifying nothing."

or, in response to Johathan Brooks' "it will never happen" .... Who...exactly...would an entity "have to be", to know if a "happening" [scientifically, "a-casual randomness"] will or won't 'happen'?

common not that difficult. WILLINGNESS to look in the mirror and apply common sense... is as uncommon as it is unnatural.

thus, we must ALWAYS INVEST MORE in 'education' order to feel right, instead of seek right.
Apparently we haven't gotten it, or he wouldn't be holding that sign now would he? Hmmmmmm.
We got the Deloren, all we need is the Flux Capacitor.
who would one have 'to be'. to say a finite ..."says it all"? ;-{)}
It's called tessering or a tessaract time traveling between distances in a short amount of time look it up its in the book a wrinkle in time and the series.....
i need to to rember this that left me be hind :(
Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah that's hilarious
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kan kan
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The Doctor agrees
a wild dalek appears
Movies are wrong in the sense of "time paradoxes" basically if u kill your mother in the past before u were born u wouldnt b born so then u cant kill your mother.

My theory is You cant change the past because the future of the past is already stated so something must have happened so you didnt kill her. Just like if 2+x=4 x would have to be 2 because 4 is already the answer.
i know we create time travel and think of the possibilities
Reguardless, the fact that somebody would picket that is absolutely awesome!
I traveled 7 seconds forward in time to write this.
like seriously what is this guy thinking of ???
I don't want time travel because anytime human spirit is basically the same: benevolence is benevolence, malevolence is malevolence. It's up to you to make a decision whether to live with good or evil.
I'm posting this in a Hacked Game Boy...How the Heck do I Get Back?! -Too Much Paula Abdul!!
I can relate. I have been traveling into the future since 1982. I would love to get some pointers from my fellow time travelers. Please let me know how I can travel backwards through time.
I have been traveling through time since the moment I wad born.
Lots of questions need to be answered before we travel in time. Imagine the political, ideological, social and material ramifications!
I've invented a time machine... except it only goes forward in time at normal speed.
I invented a time machine except it's always one minute in the future.
You want it? John Titor has it!
How odd that's my name
Dodie (+Dodie Robison), I am thinking ... of a line ... muttered ... between Val Kilmer and William Atherton. Regards, Randy
If I would travel in time, I would see if there would ever be:
1. A Mario world.
2. A Sonic world.
3. A Minecraft world.
4. Equestria.
Spoken like a true Borg (minus all the "we" business of course).
I'm time travelling right now, at the staggering rate of a second per second.
if you really want to time travel think about it for one hour every day, and you will increase your chances of doing it incrementally each day in a real number represented as a percentage .

"all things are possible. most things are probable"
- Kenfusion -
Greetings from May 16, 2020
Guess u r right,young man:-D:-D:-D
Kyle A.
I want time travel. NOW!
And, I won't be satisfied until I can order it at McDonald's. 
Time is valuable.Lost time can not get back.Try to get maximum use of it.
We have pass so many years remain maybe few years or days.So do not waste.

Awesome... time doesnt exist anyways.
TIme is just a concept, said Einstein's kid the dunce. It's people's way of keeping everything from happening at once. You overtake the light, and time is in your sight. The black bends the beam so nothing's where it seems and finding out the truth could take you months.
That's awesome-on-a-stick!
We all want it dont we. We can go back in time too see the happiest days of our lives, or stop something like a death before it's put in play. Yes it funny and yes it's fun and yes it's stupid and fake. But i wish we could.
All you need is a stargate, a sunspot, and a Maj. Carter
There are only three possible explanations for not already having met time travelers:

1) It is impossible.

2) It requires absolute anonymity.

3) Our time sucks as a destination.
Reminds me of a protest about how bad and slow public transportation is, along with fare hikes. Probably was Occupy of Boston.
Yeah Kelly I can see how he was a hard man to please. 
Juan Co
Hmm, I like this...
结果不理想,--- 没做到
I dont get the "its irrelevent" part..
I'm going to use my time machine to go back in time and give that guy the idea for his sign....IT WORKED!
My contribution? Just another Scotty quote (or miss quote?): Ya canny break the laws of physics captain! 😃
We already have a time machine people, it's found on encyclopedias, school books and the Internet: It's called HISTORY.
My weekends go by like they are traveling twice normal speed.
+Jeremy Pressel Whilst their journey was indeed bogus, I think we can all agree they had a most excellent adventure.
That's hilarious... I saw another like this that said, "Gravity, not just a good's the law." .. :) Sometimes it's the little things in life.
Time travel - would want it @ speed of light... interested to see Tarantula Nebula ;)
By the time you finish reading this, you will have experienced time travel.
Time is no respecter of anyone!
Actually if they invent time travel after you die, it's very relevant.
Nah it isn't irelevant if they invent it after you die. You just pass on a familly relic to your kids + grandkids etc saying "Pick me up at __ on specific date" Course that is also assuming backwards time travel is legal and dosn't require a recieving pad etc...
Maybe when they realize that time isn't a dimension that its a relative term unique to our perception of space. Then we can move on.
It's believed that time is just our perception of life, and travelling forward and backward in what we perceive is time is possible because everything happens at the same 'time' (being that time is a man-made thing to explain how we process the world around us). Either way, we probably do have time-travel (i won't say already, because that's irrelevant), it's just that it's kept out of the hands of the many, and in the hands of the few, to avoid causing catastrophic changes to our history (not past). Travelling 'forward in time' is more likely to be something that people do, in order to find out the future, as opposed to travelling 'back in time' to change the past - the latter is more risky.
Ya, you say that almost every time I replay this moment...
this is one of those things that is absolutely priceless
I want to time travel tooo. Ideally within my lifetime :-)
According to the latest theories, it's not irrelevant, as you should be able to travel back in time just, as a maximum, up to the moment the time machine was created.
A phenomenon called time dilation is the key here. Time passes more slowly the closer you approach the speed of light -- an unbreakable cosmic speed limit. As such, the hands of a clock in a speeding train would move more slowly than those in a stationary clock. The difference would not be humanly noticeable, but when the train pulled back into the station, the two clocks would be off by billionths of a second. If such a train could attain 99.999 percent light speed, only 1 year would pass onboard for every 223 years back at the train station. WHAT DO YOU THINK?!
The entire earth and stars and everything would literally have to reverse to time travel. The earth is traveling around the sun so you would have to figure it away to reverse the earths movement through space.... A pretty hefty task for any physicist lol
The answer, of course, is 17. 17 what you appropriately ask? 17 angels can dance on the head of a pin. How many times will we have to gently ask you to remove the blinders? Doesn't the unsettled feeling in your stomach give you a hint? Other days other ways. Jeeeeeeesus Katy Christ wake the Fuck up.
I'm traveling in time 1 sec/sec. Fast enough for me.
+Dodie Robison you can't say Movies are wrong...we don't know what would happen if you killed your mother. According to quantum theory their are an infinite number of branch universes... You may just affect one. personally I don't believe traveling back is possible though, only forward.
+Billy LaRocque Time travel is possible! Astronauts are time travelers, moving a fraction of a second into the future as they orbit the earth. The faster we learn how to travel, the further we can time travel. People saying we will never do this are naive. Look how far we have come in the last 50 years... Now imagine the next 5000, 50000 or more.
who does this guy think he is doctor who what a pratt
you cannot go backwards in time because the place you are in time and space is moving through time with you, the earth for example wouldn't be where you are when you travel in the past.
+Lux Bellavora same thing here... first came up in my mind: WE APPROVE OF THIS IDEA, TO EXTERMINATE EARTH.
Wait, didn't we want time travel FOR humans?
Oh i see...

Uh... this +Andrea Kuszewski seems rather popular... (adds her to his circle) - another step towards world domination, muhahahahaha (pinky finger hold towards mouth).
According to some scienctists time travel has already been achieved, just not in the way we see it. For instance we can "look back," or "look forward" in time... that really seems to me as taking the definition as we normally apply it to time, and redefining it to meet some scientific bullshit.


who ever coined these lines is a smart 1.
it's funny n thought provoking... cool
Thank God that we still have people who can coin thought provoking statement like our fore-fathers.
Ha ha, no offence but u look kinda creepy! :p
Ha ha, no offence but u look kinda creepy! :p
time travel buf shit crap balllshit dume pepole
We already have time travel- ever been to NZ- it's like 40 years behind the rest of the world!! 
I don't know.... but, Andrea, I think you're really hot!
some day it will be possible to say; see you last year....
we will never be able to time travel in any of our lives. So get over it.
Whenever time travel is invented/discovered in the future, then in theory it would be available for everybody in the past as well when the future travels back to the past. Hence you're conclusion of never being able to time travel in any of our lives is potentially invalid.
actual time travels, if ever possible, will never work that way.
firstly, it isn't possible to travel in the past due to the "mad scientist paradox" (as Stephen Hawkins calls it).
secondly, even if we are able to travel to the future, we wont find ourselves. this is because we can't consider TIME as some OTHER PLACE; it's simply the "Now", yet to come. Suppose i'm time travelling, it means that i'm actually slowing, or completely halting processes related to me & processes inside me.
that's all for now. . .
I have traveled from the year 1982, and I approve this message.
Another Ron Paul supporter...
What do you want? TIME TRAVEL! When do we want it? YESTERDAY!
Anyone who is serious about time travel meet me here last Thursday.
I would go straight to the Sigel Hotel in Sigel, PA ... in the year 1581. Drafts were very cheap then, but not so cold.
Too funny... need IQ above 100 to understand ... 
please let me know if anyone needs a good time travel agent .AMAZING OFF SEASON RATES !!!
i know the Priceline negotiator .
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