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Looking for a real food, healthier version of cold cereal? Try these Quinoa Krispies! #GAPS   #paleodiet   #paleo   #grainfree   #realfood
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Simplify your life and avoid harmful chemicals with these 5 DIY Hacks!
#natural,   #diyproject   #essentialoils
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Wi-Fi in schools may be hampering our children.  Hear from these two moms and find out what scientists are asking of the  Secretary of Education! #healthyliving   #electromagnetic   #EMF   #WiFI   #radiation
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Enjoy this delicious, real food version of Lay's Sour Cream and Onion Chips!
#veganrecipe   #realfood   #GAPS   #paleo  
This version of Lays Sour Cream and Onion Chips is made with summer squash, onion, chives and apple cider vinegar! Enjoy these real food veggie chips!
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Did you know there's more than meets the eye when it comes to cell towers?
#Emf   #cellphone   #Wireless  
Cell towers appear innocent enough. But are they? Find out what the research shows about the hidden health effects of cell towers.
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Looking to buy or rent a home? Consider these suggestions for making a safe and healthy investment!
#toxicmold   #emf   #natural  
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Have her in circles
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10 Surprising Facts About Cell Phones. Which one shocks you?
#EMF   #cellphone   #wireless   #radiation   #technology   #healthyliving
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Just So Natural Products now carries the Cornet Electrosmog Meter for $139. This tutorial shows you how to assess your environment with this Combination meter.
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Find out what makes this bamboo dress unique!
#emf   #wireless   #radiation   #technology   #greenliving   #emr
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These 10 companies are blazing a trail when it comes to healthy living! #ShiftHappens  +ShiftCon +Teeccino Caffe Inc. +Wondercide +greenshield organic +Vital Proteins LLC +The Honest Kitchen 
From GMO-free dog food, to kombucha,, to the first organic stevia juice boxes ShiftCon 2015 brought together these outstanding eco-friendly companies!
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Did you know your chance for tooth decay is increased with frequent cell phone use?
#cellphone   #EMF   #electromagnetic   #dentalhealth  
Is your mobile phone a health hazard? What about the connection between cell phones and tooth decay? Learn more about radio frequencies and dental health.
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No need for harsh chemicals when it comes to pampering your skin!
   #naturalbeauty   #skincare   #skincaretreatments  
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Helping others make the connection between environment, diet and health!
Wife, mom to 9 children, author of It Takes Time, founder of momsAWARE and owner of Just So Natural Products
Bragging rights
Toxic mold aficionado, food fermenter, and lifelong learner.
Health advocate with a passion to help others experience the wonders of natural living. Dedicated to seeing everyone have access to clean water, clean food, and clean air.
Fermenting foods, Soap making, Blogging, Mentoring, Speaking
  • momsAWARE
    Founder and President, present
    Empowering others to live healthy in a toxic world.
  • It Takes Time
    Author, present
    Documenting our recovery from a toxic mold exposure, sharing ways to incorporate natural living, and helping others make healthy lifestyle changes.
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