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FastKat 2 officially released!

- Run as fast as possible
- Avoid anything
- Enjoy

#webgl #threejs #videogame #browsergame
FastKat 2 - WebGL browser-game by Omiod, made with three.js
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Awesome demo - could you add flip y-axis controls?
Very impressive - amazing power in the browser!
Small tips:
- Hit "F" to view the actual frames-per-second. Should be around 55/60 to feel the true speed
- Hit F11 to switch to full screen, but this could slow things a bit, depending on your hardware
Must have inverted controls and obey arrows.
for the record, i hate inverted controls, they are mind-numbing.
+Ricky Hanulewicz options.

By the way, I also hate inverted controls. I thought these were inverted, cause the screen sort of twists the other way (do those blocks attract the spacecraft?), and wanted them inverted back :-)
really fun gam, ship isn't perfectly in line with the cursor though
i cant play im on google chrome and dont start the game?
Well... I can't run it (using chrome 17 on windows vista)... the graphics just never appear. any recomendation?
Really great game. beautifully simple, and very fun.
Not bad first time around. Will have to keep trying. Maybe I'll get better.
Pretty awesome. Get some crazy techno in there and you would be golden!
can you make this for mobile devices? I would love to play this on my phone
+William O'Neill I would love too, but can't be made with the same tech (webgl), except one android phone recently released.
Fantastic "zone" style gaming. Personal preference though, but a "No cursor" option would be appreciated.
I loved the first one, and this one is even better! Keep up the good work!
Thank you. So far 81,846 people have wasted a total time of 946 days playing this game!
I feel guilty :-)
I would really like some PC style controls. A+D for left and right and mouse for up and down please. (also: invert Y locks vertical control if keyboard is selected)
+Ika Ruga you can already use WASD and invert the Y axis.
Combining mouse+WASD is a nice idea.
I just tried it on my brand new nexus 5 in chrome and it works beautifully fast and smooth. I'm impressed!

Just the mouse controls don't work well. When you tap the ship moves but it is unpredictable. This could really benefit from the gyroscope.
hey Andrea can i use the music for my video's?
PLEASE: 1. have a download so I can play it all the time
                  2. have a free ride or unlimited deaths mode so I can trip out
I'm digging the music though, good job on the awesome game!!!!!!
Really great game, I love it! A global high score ranking would make it perfect!
playing while listening to sonic x theme song(gotta go fast). it is pretty great.
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