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Hi, a feature request (I'm not 100% sure its present): some cloud services (box for example) does not allow loading of files bigger than a certain number of MB. As I'm using fs to backup my camera folder, videos does not get loaded due to this. Would it be a great feature to set fs to tell a certain filesize, and it will split in smaller chunks anything above that. 

What's then? I've been playing Ingress for some days and I think "well, ok, i take this portal, they will take the other, so then I'll take it back etc..." ad infinitum?

I mean: the factions are purposefully kept balanced, so no one will ever win. In my area there are predominant zones of Resistance or Enlightened with costants switch of fields.

So... Then what? Is it a never ending game of passing the ball with no sense of scope? Do you have the same feeling? 

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Interessante video contro le bibite zuccherate. La scelta degli orsi polari non è sicuramente casuale.

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Get it! 
This is probably the best giveaway yet - and it's not even the biggest one we're doing for our holiday giveaway series.

+Gabe Taviano So Gabe, what do you think about G+ so far? How many people you have on here and on FB? I just don't have time to publish something on FB and g+, but I admit I'm not the perfect profiled social network user. However my G+ stream is quite languid...

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NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet and an awesome Tegra Zone power pack full of goodies (Jawbone JAMBOX, keyboard dock, and more) for doing close to nothing.

See the link to enter.

E proviamo sto G+. Quando Facebook nacque dissi "oh, un altro Myspace, a che serve?". E li' detti prova della mia NON capacità imprenditoriale. Adesso mi guardo ben da dire "a che serve un altro Facebook?" :-)
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