INTRODUCING BALX - this icon pack is a mix of design concept i like: First of all the shape is closer to Cyrcle, but enhanced in design and completed by a long shadow effect that perfectly join the 3d effect. There's an upper shape effect that is closer to Google round icons' one. The logos have a defined dimension that perfectly match the shape. The shadow of logo helps in reaching the eye and the color palette does the rest... The color palette is the best thing of this icon pack. I studied it over 1 month, to provide colors that perfect match one to each other and that are well reproduced by all displays... Overall, 1700 icons from release, new app dashboard and many other features.

Please guys, share! Balx icons are coming first 15 days of July!
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Duuude this is super awesome! Can't wait! 
Damn these are awesome! Didn't think you would top Koogoo icon pack! Can't wait! Got my support
Nice work. They look awesome bro!
take my money now 👍👍👍
A. Lee
I like your work quite a bit, and, while I find the pervasiveness of flat/shadow packs unappealing, these are beautiful icons, and I would get them, no question.
These look completely awesome +Andrea Corvi and when you're ready for beta testing and a review, you know how to contact me personally! :)
By the way, what does "Balx" mean? ;) 
Wow nice. Send me an email when done please. 
😱😱👍👍... I am buying these. My whole app drawer is gonna be nothing but icons. Lol 
Wow! Superb work, +Andrea Corvi. Looking forward to grabbing it when you push it to the Play Store. :)
Fantastiche Andrea 👍 appena usciranno saranno immediatamente mie ;) stai facendo un lavoro davvero ottimo
@ Andrea Corvi.. Do you read your hangouts ? Tried to contact you a couple of times but no reply. 
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