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no AA rounded corners in oneiric... compiz didn't pass the required tests. Let's make 12.04 more than awesome
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Oh. :-/
Was there a lot of other stuff in that compiz release?
+Yann Brelière yes... and that didn't pass. We need to focus on stability first of all, and I (we) don't have time to backport the AA corners part in time, unfortunately.
We've been living without the Anonymously Alcoholic Corners so far and we're gonna survive some more as well ;)
Ian Hex
Hopefully a new icon theme in 12.04, too. Should be rad. =]
sure new icons are coming for 11.10
Im still waiting for a new sound theme. :(
+cyrildz Akh no. but noone denied a new icon-theme. a lot of people mentioned a new icon-theme on andreas twitter or google-account and he never denied it. thats why i think it is possible we get a new icon-theme for 11.10 which will be perfected for 12.04 ;)
It's non a big deal, imho. But we want it for the LTS :)
So Oneiric wont be as amazing as expected. But the new Unity seems to be very nice.
That's it, I'm moving back to DOS!!!!11!! :)

That said - great work anyways. Hope you make 12.04 rock... HARD!
Anyway your work is awesome
What compiz should upgrade to to get these on release, and how much instability would ensue?
+Andrea Cimitan Theme looks great! But the top-panel doesnt fit to the rest of the theme because it still has the old gradient. why no glossy look for the panel like the metacity-theme? or are you planning something completly different?
I'm very sad that this didn't make it in. What do I need to do to get it working?
Latest versions of which packages?
Is there still a chance this will make Precise?
Cimi confirmed to me over Twitter that this will not be in Precise, likely in 12.10. Drag.
It's disappointing that they'd rather try to get HUD in than fix this bug.
+Andrea Cimitan Sorry if I ask you the same thing as others, but I haven't found any good answers: is there a PPA repo available to test this? How could do a user to enable this? Is possible? Thank you for your time
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