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"BP and the government made the Gulf oil spill much worse by dumping toxic dispersant in the water in an attempt to sink – and so temporarily hide – the oil.

In addition, adding dispersant makes oil 52 times more toxic than it would normally be.

EPA whistleblowers tried to warn us…

Gulf toxicologist Susan Shaw told us last year:

Covering up the [Gulf] oil spill with Corexit was a deadly action … what happened in the Gulf was a political act, an act of cowardice and greed.

(60 Minutes did a fantastic exposé on the whole shenanigan.)

And the cover up went beyond adding toxic dispersant.  BP and the government went so far as hiding dead animals and keeping scientists and reporters away from the spill so they couldn’t document what was really happening."
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Another case of corruption at the Metropolitan Police.
They cook the figures and then they threaten to fire the internal whistle-blower, who was called by the Parliamentary Committee.
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Andrea Casalotti

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Boris bikes cost us £4.85 PER JOURNEY (that is after sponsorship and user charges). That compares to 17p per bus journey.

Part of the net cost is the one-off installation; but soon we will have to pay for the wear and tear of the bikes.

This is a consequence of the typical British mafia of the contractors. Serco charges extortionate amounts to ship bikes around the docking stations. I have friends who were paid £60/hour by Serco for routine maintenance work.

"Written response from the Mayor

The total net cost of Barclays Cycle Hire to date is in fact £131m. The scheme has served more than 27 million journeys since its inception, or around 7.7 million a year on average. This compares extremely favourably with the cost/journey ratio achieved by many other transport projects."
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I think you're right on target. It is absurdly expensive, and it can't revolutionize transport because the capacity isn't there. If a lack of bikes had ever been the problem, London could have handed out two million of them for what this scheme, with its 6500 or so bikes, has cost. But really the problem remains the lack of somewhere good enough to ride bikes in London.

The hire bikes themselves seem fine. I rode some last year. But it's a decorative public fountain, not running water to very home.
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53 years ago Eisenhower warned us to be alert of the danger the military industrial complex poses to our liberty.
Maybe the buffoons at the White House and at Downing Street, should watch this and learn.
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If you've never seen it, check out the award-winning 2005 documentary 'Why We Fight' by Eugene Jarecki.   I've seen it MANY times & posted to Facebook, etc.  YouTube takes it down, but someone will usually put it back up again eventually.   The first 15 minutes is currently available on YouTube.   It opens with part of this address......and then proceeds to list every conflict we've managed to inject ourselves into....ever since.    An awesome film.   
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On one of these roads it is legal to cycle.
It is idiotic to ride on either, but only on one the Police will call you "dummy", and it is the less dangerous one.
Which makes the Police the biggest dummy.
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Unfortunately, if you're trying to get somewhere in anything like a reasonable time-frame, the road on the left or its equivalent is sometimes your only choice. In some cases there is actually no only choice by A roads, some of which are dual carriageways.

That's why I did the "idiotic" thing when I lived in the UK, not because I had any desire to put myself in danger, but because it was the only option open to me.

This is what many of the right to ride people are scared of losing, because losing it means losing routes altogether. However, the real answer is sensible conditions, proper cycle-paths, so that no-one is tempted to use roads like this and which will make cycling accessible to everyone and not just the "idiotic".
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Another case of British corruption.
An Inquest over the killing of a 76-year old woman by Protestants under the supervision of the Army keeps on being delayed by the refusal of the Ministry of Defence to release crucial evidence.
Pensioner was 3,478th victim of Northern Ireland conflict but after many false starts family not confident of conclusion to case
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A moment of perfect speed on the bike lane +Sandra Hoj
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Andrea Casalotti

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If this were a railway crossing, it would be closed immediately.
Appalling junction
How can one going straight not have priority over turning vehicles?
+Tom Kearney Dangerous for pedestrians as well: no green men.
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Absolutely idiotic design.
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Andrea Casalotti

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Well done +Tom Kearney 
Everyone, please email TfL about dangerous pedestrian signalled crossings.
I have a long list.
+Living Streets has a very good campaign that now can be channelled to TfL's management:
+Caroline Russell 
You Don't Have a Enough Time to Cross? Then tell TfL's Peter Hendy and Leon Daniels about your Pedestrian Crossing.
TfL Board Meetings are Open to the Public and Are Available on the Web At the most recent TfL Board Meeting, Non-Executive Director Michael Liebreich voiced specific and documented concerns about the lack of time that TfL allocates for pedestrians to cross ...
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Andrea Casalotti

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They don't teach Thoreau in Britain, I guess. A clear example where local people need to put up barricades, in order to prevent inescapable killing.
This video was doing the rounds on Twitter last week. It's really quite well done, and a bit depressing that it dates from 2011. It convincingly shows how a B-road has effectively become a no-go ar...
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