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The advantage of a long commute is that, sometimes, you get to listen to some truly inspiring stuff, such as this BBC documentary on isolation.

"Man is a social creature, so how does he cope in situations of isolation - bereft of human contact - or in situations where he or she is confined in the company of just a few individuals for long periods of time? Anahi Aradas explores the effects of isolation and confinement in a tiny community in the Antarctic, speaks to former astronauts in the US and visits a Swedish prison, where inmates are encouraged to practise yoga to help them cope."
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Andrea Canidio

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" many pickpockets also operate near signs warning us to beware of pickpockets. The irony is that when people read the signs, they check their pockets or bag, thus alerting the lurking pickpocket to where their valuables are." 
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Thousands of decommissioned oil rigs rotting in waters all over the globe could get a new sense of purpose as diving resorts, cruise ship port-of-calls, recreation destinations, bio-habitats or eve...
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"rats wouldn’t push a lever that delivered food if doing so caused other rats to receive an electric shock. Likewise, in 1964, Stanley Wechkin and colleagues at the Northwestern University in Chicago demonstrated that hungry rhesus monkeys refused to pull a chain that delivered them food if doing so gave a painful shock to another monkey. One monkey persisted in this refusal for 12 days."
Dogs rescue their friends and elephants care for injured kin – humans have no monopoly on moral behaviour
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Why the way you pack shapes your journey For many travellers wheeled luggage is the most efficient way of getting from known-A to known-B. The reality is far from elegant, but that’s fine, it’s air...
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Andrea Canidio

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"On July 8, 2014, Jeanetta Riley, pregnant and a mother of two, was killed by police officers outside a hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho. Riley reportedly had a history of drug addiction and alcoholism, and she was drunk, incoherent, and waving a filet knife at the three police officers who showed up at the hospital. A dashboard video camera mounted on one of the police cars shows that Riley was at least 10 feet from the cops when they opened fire. Why the police opted to shoot Riley rather than zap a 100-pound woman with one of the Tasers they were carrying is unclear. The officers were subsequently exonerated, no apology was given to Riley’s family, and the story never made national news until it was recently dredged up by a reporter from The Guardian.

Fast forward 14 hours and travel 50 miles south to a café in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where Craig Jones was eating lunch, having locked his dog Arfee in the cab of his van. Jones had rolled the windows part-way down so the dog would stay cool. Unfortunately, when the two-year old black Lab mix started barking, someone called the cops. Officer Dave Kelly caught the call. Kelly later claimed that when he approached the van, Arfee (who was initially described as a vicious pit bull) lunged at him, though the van’s window was mostly rolled up. Kelly put a bullet in Arfee’s chest.

This time the media did respond. A headline in the New York Daily News proclaimed “Idaho Cop Shoots, Kills Adorable Black Lab Named Arfee After Mistaking Him For Aggressive Pit Bull.” ..."
Newspaper editors tell me animal abuse stories often get more responses from readers than articles about violence against humans. Do Americans really care more about pets that people?
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Andrea Canidio

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Said Snowden:

“Well, the good news is there’s no program named ‘the dick pic program.’ The bad news is they are still collecting everybody’s information, including your dick pics.”
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Kiss you afternoon productivity goodbye. Here I am playing my commute from home to my Columbia office: Just go to a Google Map page and look for the Pac-Man view at bottom left. (Note: No guarantees this lasts past April 1.) … Continue reading →
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Andrea Canidio

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Desert - Oman
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I'm passionate about Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Organizations. I produce research papers, lecture notes and Team Up Start Up (
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Bicycle “sprints.”  This is worth 6 minutes of your time. Thanks to Josh Knox for the link.

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Open Source Software for Scientific Research. Here is a list of open source software I use. They are free and, in my experience, they all pe

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