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AR Barbarian application created by Lyudmil Barboev, shows 3D Barbarian without printed marker.
You can make him run, walk stay in T pose or to do his famous round kick.
Also you can play with his emotions. That`s right barbarians have emotions two.
You can chose from 7 different emotions:
- Default
- Smile
- Surprise
- Frown
- Wink
- Cry
- Mean

Author: Lyudmil Barboev

#AR, #Augmented, #Reality, #AugmentedReality, #Barbarian, #Unity, #Vuforia, #Android

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Here a post Video:

#wired #news #augmentedreality

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Today I can share a new #augmentedreality #game created by Dream Reality Interactive (

## Description
Inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, Orbu is a physical Augmented Reality game with engaging slingshot mechanics. Transform your surroundings and embark on a journey through ever-changing seasons. Discover and collect new Orbu creatures such as Tanuki (raccoon dog), Noko (turtle) and Konkon (fox) – and guide them through a series of obstacle courses. Find butterflies and feed fish along the way. Move around the play area to discover new secrets and get up close and personal to the creatures.

#work #augmentedrealitynews

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Here is a project born in Rome. The app is a little fps designed around the beautiful graffiti in the Quadraro district. This is our first time working with ARCore and our first time at developing for Android. We had some problems as the app needed to work with the surroundings and blend with the tunnel where the artist drew a big murales around it. Of course it's clear we took ispiration from old-style top-down shooters and FPS and we tried to re-create an arcade feeling. It is just a stub but we'd love to polish it and add features to it like a simple ranking system to store player high-scores and to extend it to the other Quadraro graffitis, so we can implement a sort of time-attack gameplay where the user tries to complete them all in the shortest amount of time.

So this is our app, hope you like it and, if you can, leave a like on this page to help us out!

#augmentedreality #developers #projects #italy #work

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AR Home Design
created by Nasru Minallah (AptechMedia)

AR Home Design is live on App Store. Design your dream home developed with ARkit, the new technology of Augmented Reality. Design you home interior with Bed, sofa, chairs, tables, plants etc in this first version of the game. More décor items will be added in next updates. Use the furniture to design your home!
Show your creativity and Interior designing skills. Design your room or apartment the best you can.

Author's note: This is a free game, developed with ARkit. It’s the very 1st version of the game, if you want any changes, please suggest. Your reviews and suggestions means a lot to us. Thank You.

Author's website:
Facebook link:

Keywords: #house, #dream, #desiging, #interior, #AR, #covet, #decor, #games, #home, #designer, #fashion, #room, #style, #paint, #furniture

AR Home Design
AR Home Design

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Share your AR work

If you are dev or company and you want share your work in this page you can send me in a private message:
1) project link (no short URL)
2) video link(Youtube or Vimeo) or static image as well
3) a little description (English only)
4) keywords
5) Author (Name and website)

Projects that will be eligible will be published in all my AR network (Facebook, G+, Linkedin)

#augmentedreality #augmentedrealityproject #apps #shareyourwork



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