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Andrea Bates
I am who I am and I like who that is.
I am who I am and I like who that is.

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Still A Warrior
You may be bored with me, dear readers. You may have had enough. And if that's the case, that's okay. I can take it. If you are a part of my community of women, mothers, who wakes up today confused, hurt, angry, struggling? I am with you. I am trying very h...

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How Four Words Can Hurt
Four words. You're surely questioning what they could be. Four words? I HATE YOU? Nope. Only three. You suck? Two. I ... wha-? ... okay, give up yet? I don't see color. I don't see color. People say this constantly. I don't see color. I used to think that t...

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Taking a Moment. Taking a Stand.
Friends, to some of you this will not make any sense. I start off by saying that I am okay. I am fine. But I know many people who are not fine today, and so, I take my space and use my words to speak to this. Because it's important that I do. I am emotional...

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The Emotions of Motherhood
* I wrote this yesterday and didn't give myself the time to bring it to the blog. This morning I am feeling much better, but I find it important to share just the same. *  I pick it up. A journal of inspirational prompts. I started it yesterday. Smiling. An...

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Words Of Wisdom From The Mother Who Overslept
The face of a mom who totally overslept, thanks Melatonin, and is relying on the graciousness of a friend to get my child to school. #365feministselfie Also, sneaky #catsofinstagram behind me. ^..^ A post shared by Andrea Bates (@goodgirlgonered) on Feb 22,...

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Waiting To Exhale
I sit in the waiting area at the doctor's office and hold my breath. It's been a while. I know I've been off track. I feel it. Discomfort. The pulse beating at the surface of my skin. From the inside out. My face flushes. Tears - not yet leaking from my eye...

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5 Reasons You Haven't Been Writing and What To Do Next
It's so hard to be a blogger these days. We write because we love to write. We write because we want to write. And then, well, we write for so many other reasons. And sometimes we just don't write at all. Here are five reasons you (fine, maybe I) haven't ...

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10 Authors of Color To Add To Your Library
As I have pulled together my book lists for my site, I've noticed that a majority of the books I read have been written by white women. And so, over the last year or so I've made an effort to pay more attention to the authors I'm supporting. I've started in...

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5 Steps To Protect Your Mental Health In This Political Climate
Everyone knows we have a new President. Now, whether or not you're a fan of his, you're bound to find yourself wrapped up in so much political discussion pretty much every-freaking-where you look. Social media? Yes. Turn on the television? Yep. Online news ...

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11 Inspirational Books and Journals
There's a lot happening these days that might lead you right into a good book or a binge-watch of your favorite new television or Netflix show. But sometimes we need more. We need more than a cathartic cry with Code Black or This Is Us. We need more than a ...
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