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Andrea Acailawen (Cailia)
Photographer . Artist . Illustrator . Environmentalist . Vegan
Photographer . Artist . Illustrator . Environmentalist . Vegan

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Here's a little monochromatic fashion for your #womenwednesday  photo stream. :)

2014 Fashion Photography

Photographer: +Andrea Acailawen
Photo Assistant: +Christopher Wright
Fashion Stylist: +Argie Mitra.
Hair/Makeup: +Darlina Conto
Model: Lauren Summer. 

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Contributed to +All Things Monochrome  #allthingsmonochrome   curated by +Charles Lupica +Ludwig Keck +Brian Cox and +Enrique Pelaez; and
+Monochrome World  #monochromeworld   Monochrome World   #monochromeworld  +Monochrome World  curated by +andi rivarola

#fashion   #fashionphotography   #photography   #studio   #agencytest   #model   #monochrome   #highcontrast    #blackandwhite   #lingerie   #hardlight   #shadows  

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Now, jumping forward a bit. I love monochromatic images, particularly high contrast black and white fashion and beauty shots. This is from my latest fashion shoot, entitled "Mystique". The entire series was shot and retouched in black and white and the entire team knocked it out of the park. This is one of my favorite shots from the shoot. I will share more of my images from this great creative with you soon. 

In the meantime...
Happy Monday! :)

2014 Fashion Photography

Photographer: +Andrea Acailawen 
Photo Assistant: +Christopher Wright
Fashion Stylist: +Argie Mitra.  
Hair/Makeup: +Darlina Conto
Model: Lauren Summer. 

© 2014, Andrea Acailawen. All rights reserved.

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Contributed to...
Monochrome Monday #monochromemonday +Monochrome Monday curated by:  +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Manuel Votta +Steve Barge and +Nurcan Azaz;
All Things Monochrome #allthingsmonochrome +All Things Monochrome curated by +Charles Lupica +Ludwig Keck +Brian Cox and +Enrique Pelaez; and
Monochrome World  #monochromeworld  +Monochrome World  curated by +andi rivarola.

#modelmonday   #fashion   #fashionphotography   #beauty   #creative   #mystique   #studio  

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America's Next Top Model alum, Stacy Ann Fequiere (Ford Models), is such a delight to work with in the studio. This is from one of my favorite shoots of 2013, with a top-notch team that makes my job as a fashion and beauty photographer so much fun. 

Photographer: Andrea Acailawen. 
Photo Assistant: Christopher Wright. 
Fashion Stylist: Argie Mitra. 
Hair/Makeup Artist: Monique McLaughlin. 
ANTM Model: Stacy-Ann Fequiere (Ford Models). 

© 2013, Andrea Acailawen. All rights reserved. 

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Contributed to SaturdayStyle #saturdaystyle #sas 
Curators: +Lynn Langmade and +lane langmade 

#fashion   #photography #fashionphotography   #agency   #studio   #agencytest   #antm   #fordmodels  

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Did you know that you can also find me on Facebook? My albums on my Facebook fashion and beauty photography fan page are current. So, as I work on updating my work here on Google+, please feel free to check out my more recent work there. Please be sure to "like" my page to keep up with my latest work and behind the scenes previews, as well as castings, creative musings and other discussions that are exclusive to my fan page. I try to share unique content to each page to make the experience more enjoyable to those following me in more than one place. And, hopefully, it won't take too long to get caught up here, as well. 

Have a great weekend, plussers! 

Wow. I am overwhelmed by all the wonderful birthday wishes here on Google+ this morning. I've been trying to respond to them all personally, but I don't think there's any way I can keep up. So, as I +1 them all, I just wanted to thank everyone for the warmhearted birthday wishes. My day is off to a wonderful start and you all have something to do with that!

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful day, as well! =)

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Thanks +Raffaele Romeo Arena for including me in your wonderful Fashion Circle! Glad to be included, both as a fashion photographer and an accessories designer. =)

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Fashion Circle

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Have a #fashioweekend  and increase your popularity  !!!

Enjoy the heels page:

Special thanks my #friends  and #followers  :

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A little fashion for your Friday photo stream...

Photographer: +Andrea Acailawen.  
Photo Assistant: +Christopher Wright
Hair/Makeup: Carissa Mosley. 
Fashion Styling: +Andrea Acailawen.  
Model: Apryl Thornton (Runways The Talent Group). 

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Contributed to +Fashion Fridays Theme #FashionFridays curated by +Faith Gauthier

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Good morning, Plussers!

It's a brisk Tuesday morning here in central Florida. I don't envy those of you living further north! I'm contently working on creative development in the studio this morning. I think I'll be spending my day mostly indoors! 

I hope all of you effected by this brutal cold front across much of Canada and the US stay safe and as warm as possible today! 

Ok, now back to work....

#polarvortex #instudio   #creative   #coldweather   #usa   #canada  

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It's been a while, Google+. Happy New Year!!

I thought it was time I started sharing more work around here, since I've been MIA for a while. Here's a little monochromatic fashion for your Monday photo stream. 

Photographer: +Andrea Acailawen.
Photo Assistant: +Christopher Wright.
Hair: +Andrea Acailawen.
Makeup: +Sherry Restifo.
Model: +Roxy Yaist (Posche Model Management)     

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Contributed to +Monochrome Monday  #monochromemonday , curated by +Hans Berendsen, +Jerry Johnson, +Steve Barge,  +David Orr, +Dominique Hilbert, +Martin Heller  
and +Breakfast Club  #breakfastclub , curated by +Ambrogio Bellotti
+Gemma Costa.

#fashion #photography #fashionphotography #studio #monochrome #agencytest #model

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Good morning, Google Plussers! This morning I'm sharing with you our latest published beauty editorial, as seen in Ellements Magazine's May Beauty Issue (Book 1). The last image in the five-image set is an extra not seen in the magazine. I'll have more work posted for you all soon. 

Awash in Color Editorial.
Ellements Magazine, May 2013 (Book I).
Tearsheets + Extra Image.  

Creative Director: +Andrea Acailawen 
Photographers: +Andrea Acailawen  & +Christopher Wright.  
Photo Assistant: +Corin Miller.  
Makeup Artist: +Monique McLaughlin
Model: Alina Pokidova (The Lions NY). 

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Contributed to +Breakfast Club curated by +Gemma Costa.

#beauty   #beautyphotography   #editorial   #studio   #wet   #makeup   #jewelry   
2013 Beauty Photography
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