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It's here!
CM Theme Engine

Both versions are at a lowered price for the next few hours!

Rate and share the theme if you like it!
Thanks for the support :)
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Beste Substratum Themen ever!! Es fehlen paar Apps wie Inbox, Facebook. Ansonsten sind deine Themen echte Augenschmaus.
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Alright, lets do this.
This actually gives me the opportunity to do something I always wanted to do. Coalfield was one of my first themes and a lot of things changed about the way I make my themes. I'm not just going to port it over. I will rebuild the whole theme from scratch with the original Coalfield icon vectors using Reverie as a base, also designing new icons and bringing everything up to today's standards.
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Just picturing Coalfield and also GRVY(hopefully) on Subs makes me😵 
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Dock automatically extends when music is playing, progressbar color gets pulled from album art.

Files and Icons
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I love this one man, great job! Thank you for sharing.
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Man I'm tired.


Here are the files

Theme is CompactUI by +Jacek Malinowski
Icons are M'Flat

Bye. Me now sleep.
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Please share the date font 🙂
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Thanks for the interview! 😁 +Punya Vashist​
“Hey I’m Andre and the guy behind Kohlewrrk. I’m making themes for Substratum and CMTE and also post the occasional homescreen setup every now and then on G+.” Andre Zimmermann, also known as Kohlewrrk, very sportingly accepted the idea of me interviewing him. Not only does he dive into dead specifics in this interview, he … Continue reading "Andre Zimmermann on Theme Engines, Themes and Google"
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+Jacek Malinowski when are you going to get your interview 😂
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Hey people!

I just published a new app on PlayStore

Recently, I was checking Twitter and found an app that was made by +EvoWizz +Vojtěch Hořánek and +Alexandre Piveteau

I really liked the idea of the app, but also noticed it was abandoned.

So I decided to try to give it a "second" or "longer" life.

Here's the result of it.

I made some minor code changes/improvements, and also added a couple extra features.

I really hope you guys like it and find it useful.

Please help me sharing the app and leaving a positive review. :)

Thanks in advance.
Queep is a floating button that allows you to quickly create Keep notes.Imp...
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Thanks for sharing! 😁
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Bar moves up, wall scales to fill the space.

KLWP Files and Wall
OXT Crayon Icon Pack

(Tip: use 'throw' desktop scroll animation)
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+Fiqi Stan Screener
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Official DU Giveaway

This is the official announcement! Get ready!!!

This giveaway is about us showing you all how much we appreciate you! If we could we would just give out free stuff and that's it but we wanted to also make it some what interesting!

We wanted to show our appreciation for the users that have been here since the beginning and YES, even those that jumped on the bandwagon half way Marshmallow hahaha yes, we noticed :-)

We recognize that DU has gone through a lot of changes both with the ROM itself and community. While many decided
to jump ship or stop supporting us because these changes, there's a lot of you that have said 'this is my ROM' and have
stuck in there with us! This means a lot to us, believe it or not! Not only that but there's a lot of users turn hobbyists/developers
who have started to contribute to the ROM and make it even better! All the feedback on JIRA, G+ and devs base has been helpful
as well. Sure there are times where we may want to choke out a few of you but in the end you make our hobby/project that
much better!

OK so here's the deal with the giveaway

We want to hear from you all! We want to hear your story! We're always hearing about how 'I've been a DU user since the EVO 3D' and
we know there's a lot of good stories out there, we want them! Don't make up things, we'll know if you're lying because we've been
here since the beginning :p

Be yourself and lets have a good time!

- Register if you haven't already and head over to Devs Base

- In the thread listed above, tell us about your experience

~ When was the first time you used DU?
~ How long have you been using DU?
~ Tell us about your experience with the ROM itself and the team.
~ What would you change if given the chance?

Something to add, don't bad mouth other projects. This is not what we're looking for. Tell us about your experience but don't be trashy
about it.

- Make sure to include your G+ profile in your post so we know who to contact for prizes!

That's it! Giveaway ends in exactly 1 week

We've got A LOT of promo codes for a lot of great themes, icon packs, apps and even a few t-shirts!

All of which wouldn't be possible without the following folks helping us out! Don't be shy to follow them either! :-)

+Andre Zimmermann 
+Daniel Huber 
+Daniel Schott 
+De Jan 
+Devon Witherell 
+Federico Porcu 
+Gianluca Spadazzi 
+Jacek Malinowski 
+Jeff McIntire 
+Jeremy Beck 
+Kevin Aguilar 
+Rahul K Dinesh 
+Sasi Kanth 
+Tesla Tri 
+Travis Hall 
+wasim khan 

Thank you and we hope to hear from you all!
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Domination Substratum theme has been updated on the Play Store and you can find it here: -

Version 3.0 Changelog:

* Lots of different bug fixes and updates in lots of apps (thanks to everyone that helped me, you know who you are)
* Added DU Certified and DU Updater (thanks +Alex Cruz)

If you have errors with Build & Update, please uninstall all overlays and then select them again and choose Build & Enable after you click the floating action button.

So with this release, the free version of Domination is no longer being updated on the Play Store. You can still download it for free from xda-developers and from Devs Base, but if you want the convenience of automatic updates then you will need to get it from the Play Store. Also doing so will show your support and help to buy me a coffee/beer/shrimp to throw on a barbie. Anyone who wants to can still check my Github for any changes to the theme and help that they need with their own theme(s).

Pirate carnts can still walk the plank and fark orf out of the Android community. Maybe you might be better suited to Windows Phone? iOS? I know, Blackberry.

Cheers and happy theming,


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Push-Ups is public



5 training plans
Cluster, Paused Repetitions, Systematic Progression, DUP and Isometric Training.

Training plan
• Custom break time for each training plan, deactivate break time
• Start easily from scratch with more weight or another Push-Ups variant
• Adjust your training plan to your physical level. Adjust every plan at any time. When you had a longer break, simply adjust it again for the best results
• Get notified for every new workout in every training plan at a custom time

• You can take a break while having a workout and continue it anytime within the day
• Your progress will always be saved to your personal statistics

Push-Ups recognition & triggering
• Push-ups will be automatically recognized within a distance of around 2–5 cm from the front of your device You can put a book below your device for easier recognizing
• Click on the screen. You can either use your head or nose to trigger it, or click through a set manual

• Calendar View: View your push-ups activity days. By clicking at a activity day, you will receive day specific statistics.
• Monthly chart displays sessions per day, the repetitions and a average tendency per week
• Get interesting information and tendencies per day, month, year and in total

• The training plans were created by Patrick Neukirch. He’s a German sports scientist, certified personal trainer, coach and functional nutrition coach.

Pushing views
• Beautiful minimalist and flexible design
• Displays the overall amount of push-ups
• Displays the amount of remaining push-ups
• Displays the needed time
• Skip break through a long click

• Establish a new record regularly
• Record statistics

Record additional push-ups
• Simply record additional Push-Ups to your personal statistics

Push-ups feedback
• You can get vibrational and, or acoustic feedback for a completed push-up
• Custom vibration duration
• Change sound effect

Google Fit support
• Your sessions can be automatically saved to your Google Fit account. As with regular activities, your sessions will be displayed in Google Fit with the duration, the amount of done push-ups and the type of the activity (Workout, Record, Additional Push-Ups)

• Avoid common mistakes by reading the recommendations about everything related to push-ups.

Push-up variations
• Overview of Push-Ups Variations
• Every variation is explained with a short description, via YouTube videos and images

Motivational quotes
• Get a new motivational quote at every start of the app or view all quotes
• New quotes will be added regularly

• All data is always up to date on all of your devices in real time

It’s yours
• Change the main app color. Select from 150+ predefined colors or make a custom color
• Change the background color

Other features
• Android Multi Window
• Android Dynamic Shortcuts

And even more functionality will come with time.


Thanks to +Sasi Kanth +Lukas Funk +Oliver Nitzschke +Anjo Cerdeña +Vukašin Anđelković and all the beta testers!
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Still interested in the preset for music concept posted a few days before?
Here you go

Preset: (2 page)


Compacticons by tatosXL

Reverie theme by +Andre Zimmermann

Photo Editor

I tried different formats/approach for info elements. Finally i thought, giving music a dedicated page is the way to go since the work started because of a concept of music player.

Note: No globals for easy editing. I don't plan to add them. I like white background with black text.
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+Michael Vernon I didn't make the screen but music shows after pressing the icon in the top right.
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