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And not just American women. :)
I am looking forward to making up some popcorn and watching the fireworks :D
+Dryade Geo Hope it's a big bag because this is going to be a very long process. :)
Nothing worthwhile is ever easy :) Am pretty sure this is overdue.
This is hypocritical. Does no one remember Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a twat and a cunt?
and that's suppose to make everything okay?
Nothing wrong with being Republican. :)
+Gareth Cook No there isn't. It's what people are doing and saying under the banner of the Republican Party that is the issue. And it's not just Rush Limbaugh. It's the war on women being conducted throughout the USA. And it's not just Republicans either.
Lets get on to the real issues here! This is crazy and even though Obama pleaded with us as a nation to be civil I have seen more posts since Rush's incident that were far worse and far more uncivil. Grow up!
Sarah Palin IS a twat and a moron. and Dangerous
+cecilia FXX If you must call names, be prepared to be called names in return. And be careful, your intelligence is showing.
that "thank you" note is making women look stupid; misplaced and misguided righteous indignation. women don't need gov't handouts to get stuff and women who are so outraged by a radio host should pick up a book and educate themselves about things that actually matter
that giant should go back to sleep or have a cup of coffee and foster a homeless child
Right On they all need a wake-up call
don't worry about me, austin, I can take care of myself.

palin was running for public office. when she opens her mouth and says stupid dangerous things I am obligated to point it out to my fellow citizens. I'm not worried about sounding 'nice'. The truth is the truth.

I love free speech because it identifies all the assholes like palin and rush for all to see. I've never been afraid of people like them.
oh right I forgot, I am a woman and I can get them for free at Planned Parenthood (or pay about $5 a month) cause everyone is trying to take birth control pills away from me...makes perfect sense thanks for clearing that up oh and yes Sarah Palin is really stupid and dangerous because she thinks people should make up their own minds that is dangerous for some people, I agree
we'er scared now oh shut up and go back to sleep !!!!
I guess you haven't heard all the moronic comments palin has made.

I insist that when I vote for someone they have to be intelligent and educated. I just happen to have high standards.

I expected a great deal from myself in my career so why should I lower my standards for someone I vote for?
Rush Limbaugh and all other main stream jack asses on the fake right and fake left are all divisive. Don't matter which management team is in power, the jackass in chief will play some divisive shit as well. Lets drop the left vs right shit and look at people's principles and what they stand on instead of this he said she said bullshit.
I've never joined a political party because I see no need to support THEM. THEY have to support ME. If they don't, I don't vote for them. "them" meaning individuals. I don't vote for parties.
Get out of the dilectic and just live your life.
+Lisa Birney are sure it's censorship if one private citizen in the broadcasting business tells another private citizen in the broadcasting business that it is vile, disturbing, hateful and, arguably, wrong to call a person who uses birth control a prostitute and a slut? Because to me that feels like the statement of opinion.

If Bill Maher said "The government should intervene and forbid that fat windbag from spouting hateful, sexist nonsense on the air!", which he didn't I would agree that he would be calling for censorship, but he would still be one step removed from it.
Damn. Just when I started to think all the morons were on FaceBook.
This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Rush is awesome!
Rush Limbaugh is an idiot,a 1%'er, another republican who has forgotten the middle class is the backbone of this nation along with the working poor and with out us the rich and wealthy would not be rich or wealthy.
You HYPOCRITE! Where where you when all those men were calling Palin and Bachmann names? Where was your trumped up outrage when Bill Mahr was calling women "C**nts"? Grow up.
Pretty sure Rush is an actor like Stephen Colbert. But his core listeners and seemingly quite a few other people don't get the joke. His Family Guy appearance kind of removed all doubt for me on this theory.
Stephen Colbert is in a class by himself.
Jokester? He has been over the edge for way too long and this man needs to go! He does nothing but spew hate!
1%'er... that's the most errorneous term I've ever heard. I am not defending mr. pill popper either. Most of what the main stream whore media and other misguided well meaning idiots refer to as the "1%" get the living shit taxed out of them. Not to mention write our paychecks. It's the ultra-rich, assholes like Warren Buffet who are selling out this country, that's the real problem. Rush, is not even a low level goon, more like a gate-keeper.
+Colt Seavers: Wow...just wow. These people pay the lowest rates for their income level in the developed world, meanwhile the middle and working class people pay among the highest. And you think that's a good thing. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, and your parents should be ashamed they didn't teach you more about greed.
Not really hate.. more like pointing out the ignorance of liberals and socialists, such as the young lady whom was called those names. She 's on a scholarship at likely THE most exclusive law school in the US. She's very well going to end up a 1%'r and she want's US to pay her to have sex... yes, so freaking appropriate. Say.. can we +1 Rush Limbaugh?
Michael Incata,People calling other people names is the least of this nations problems.That is freedom of speech,deal with it.Wake up.The people in this country need to be united for the right cause and not divided by race money gender and politics, democrats republicans and the tea party.
+Robert Shaunn Brown: If you're honestly upset about the contraception issue, how about this: You pay us back for the farm subsidies, bank bailouts and oil subsidies. I'll pick up the contraception. Deal?
I should be ashamed? You don't know me home boy about who I am and what I am about. Plus you don't know a fucking thing about how economics work, just catching on to slogans that make you feel good without looking at things from a 3 dimensional perspective. The world is round, Warren Buffet, George Soros, and Bill Gates don't care about you. That guy or woman you work for (assuming you have a job) ask them how much taxes they have to pay just to employ your sorry ass.
Gee,ever look at what the "no well meaning here" 1% was taxed in 1950, 1960, 1970, or 1980? If you really wish to know the facts are there. The real problem is the Ultra-rich assholes like Buffet who wish the tax code were written so they had to to pay more?? Hard for me to find a problem with that portion of the population. And you are right Rush is just and only a goon. People relate so much stronger to their friends and relatives and co-workers have been through.
hey paul, a republican president may have initiated the bailout but a democrat has continued it. and don't make any excuses about it please?
+Colt Seavers: When you hear something as stupid as what you just said, there's no point even trying to correct it, because you can't be bothered to learn from history's mistakes. I've run businesses before. When I'm doing well, I don't mind paying proportionately more into the system that provides support to make a successful workforce I can hire and the infrastructure I need to get stuff moving, because I'm benefiting disproportionately more from it. Why you're suggesting the middle and working class should have to pay for the big boys' success is unfathomable unless you absolutely hate your own self interest, your country, and your fellow citizens alike.
once again paul, you're talking out your ass to someone you don't know a thing about, nor do you have an idea as to how this rigged economic system even works. What you were taught in school is incorrect. But yea bickering with some is a waste of my time. I have much better things to do. And yea OP... if you don't like my comments... don't make your shit public.
The ENTIRE US government is in the pockets of big business. Things are tenuous at best until it gets sorted out...
+Michael Incata: It's not hypocritical. There's a difference between asking for something that is used for both contraception, or in this particular woman's case, a completely different medical need, and getting slandered for it by some fat asshole; and actually being a cunt. It's not exactly a secret that McCain picked her because she was entirely clueless. Heck, she had to be tutored on what both world wars, the korean war, the vietnam conflict, and both iraq wars were about by tutors on the campaign trail.
Rush Limbaugh is a jackass for calling women and of america are sluts screw him and his hairline
Dr. Walton got it right, republicans are toast, instead concentrating on economy they targeted women and their reproductive rights. Amazingly stupid, hypocritical and counterproductive.
If a person has the right to control their reproduction, they also have the responsibility to exercise that control themselves, and that includes paying for your own contraception, as opposed to forcing others to pay for it via government coercion.
+Oscar Schneegans: In this case, the drugs weren't prescribed for contraception. Rush was seriously misinformed. But, hey, if we're going to oppose paying people for their reproductive habits, let's get rid of (p/m)aternity leave while we're at it. How do you think that baby happend? Isn't maternity and paternity leave paying people for having sex?
I'm not upset about the contraception issue.It should not be an issue.Its not our business.We pay for every thing else,Why not contraception.Your priority's are out of line if your concerned with contraception.That is the hand they put in your face so you cant see what the other hand is doing.Like taxes and every thing else they use to distract narrow minded people.
Was this ad recent or was it from the very first time the fat pill popping bastard called women feminazis?
Brian Dickes.What the F are you talking about?
Paul Johnson: If a private company or university wants to pay for paternity/maternity leave, they have the right to do that. Forcing them to do that by government coercion is a violation of their rights. Likewise, if a private company or university wants to pay for contraception they have the right to do so, but forcing them to do it by government coercion is a violation of their rights.
+Oscar Schneegans , anyone has the right to opt out of American society and emigrate- hopefully, you can find your utopia where no one takes any responsibility for anyone else, but you still have all the benefits of living in a vigorous nation. Good luck.
+Paul Johnson ...just like his rotund figure, he's very cycular in his rants. It's just mind blowing. If he stuck to his OxyContin over doses, maybe... MAYBE he'd be able to write up better scripts. Maybe.
J Mat
"Sandra Fluke is being sold by the left as something she's not. Namely a random co-ed from Georgetown law who found herself mixed up in the latest front of the culture war who was simply looking to make sure needy women had access to birth control. That, of course, is not the case.

As many have already uncovered Sandra Fluke she is, in reality, a 30 year old long time liberal activist who enrolled at Georgetown with the express purpose of fighting for the school to pay for students' birth control. She has been pushing for mandated coverage of contraceptives at Georgetown for at least three years according to the Washington Post."
To all you people concerned about paying for contraception,Think about this.Would you prefer to pay for some rubbers or the pill or would you like to pay the much higher cost of aborting baby's?
J Mat
Onslaught: ABC Airs Eight Limbaugh Stories in Less Than Five Days

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How many stories did ABC air when Ed Shultz called Laura Ingraham a Slut?
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How many stories did ABC run when Bill Maher Called Sarah Palin a Dumb Twat?
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Rush Limbaugh is an over paid fat blowhard,So f'd up on oxy's he dose not even remember what he said the day before.To all you rush lovers pull his pubes from your teeth.
Will you also refuse to pay for Viagra for some sex-crazed senior citizens - or men who simply don't have what it takes? Unlike birth control pills, there's NO medical reason to take Viagra.
Actually....use this as a comparison...a couple wants to have sex so they use contraception which is or isn't paid by 'us' which in TOTAL maybe...MAYBE, less than a few million dollars, and yet we're still indebted for 3 wars or recent which combined tally in the billions of dollars that we the people have paid for. Granted, for the most part well worth it, I'd still kick in pocket change for a rubber or pill than to go in deeper debt for a war that was ended by a group of Navy SEALS that took less than a day. Let the girl speak out, and let the fat man on the radio shut up.
+Russ Pearson Please! Rush called an educated woman speaking about a friend's medical condition and the treatment for her condition a slut. Really? A slut for speaking out about one reason contraception should be covered by insurance? She is NOT a slut. She is a human being with intelligence, courage and feelings. The person that slings the slur speaks volumes about themselves and nothing about the person to whom it was directed!
this "war on women" claim is such laughable disingenuous nonsense, but it seems to be working well on the non-thinking drones oblivious to how they're being manipulated. really sad to watch.
J Mat
Why can't Sandra Fluke walk three blocks to the Planned Parenthood to get her condoms? She is a joke. Why should the tax payers have to pay for her to have safe sex?
+Brian Dickes: The circular logic is another reason why I'm pretty sure Rush is just putting on a parody and folks are just stupid if they take him at face value.
Really, people must understand how flawed this logic is. This is women hating on men.
Allow me to retort:
A thank you letter to Dr Walton:

We, the men of America, want to express our deep felt appreciation for throwing down the gauntlet.
You have awakened a sleeping giant. You have given us the power to crush the Democratic party.
We are coming for all elected officials, Republican or Democrat, who have failed us men miserably.
Smart strong men are coming after you.

Now, doesn't what I just wrote sound sexist? That's because it is. And so is the trash you posted.
What dose paying for viagra have to do with paying for contraception?NOT! I am far more concerned with much larger issues then contraception or who pays for it.And every one talking about it here should wake up look around and be concerned with what should be much bigger issues.Is this a liberals way of talking about sex?
Jay,Would you prefer to pay the price of a condom or the price of an abortion?
Why don't she buy rubbers instead of making people pay more for
insurance. It would be cheaper & all sluts carry them.
J Mat
Both are choices. Choose to use a condom. Choose to have an abortion. I choose not to Subsidize either. Pay for your own.
Paul Jonson,Your right I am white and have a trace of Indian blood.And would not be offended if what belongs to native Americans was given back.It would be better preserved if it was given back.
+Paul Johnson parody? Usually that involves humor and intelligence. Where's the punch line dude? Lol!
Jay I get your point,truth is we pay for much worse then condoms or abortions.This contraception thing is a slide of hand act to keep your mind off what should be larger more important issues.
+Jay Matous This issue is not about condoms and abortions. This issue is about the "pill". It is an oral contraceptive taken daily by approximately 10,700,000 US women each and every day. I refer you to the wikipedia entry so that you can become informed about the type of contraceptive that is being discussed.
J Mat
Fine - go to planned parenthood at get yourself hooked up with the "pill." This does not take an act of congress.
+Andy Gladish : I emigrated to the US precisely to escape the oppression of collectivism. Now you're trying to force it on me here.

You have no right to demand that I take responsibility for the consequences of your choices any more than I have the right to demand that you take responsibility for the consequences of my choices.

Furthermore, liberty is directly proportional to responsibility. Therefore, if you continue to demand that I take responsibility for the consequences of your choices, I will demand to have control over your choices. I you want me to have no control over your choices, learn to take full responsibility for them. It's what adults do.
+Oscar Schneegans Couldn't have put it more eloquently good sir. Took the words right out of my mouth (except for the emigration part, born and raised here myself) some of these people on these posts I swear they are just copy and pasting from other people. I mean really, do any of you establishment kool aid drinking jackasses on both the left and right have an original thought in your fucking brains?
Everyone that keeps saying "she can go get condoms from planned parenthood" or the health department forget those are still funded in some way. So either the woman are working and getting it though insurance at their job, which comes out of their checks, or going to a "free" clinic and they aren't paying anything cause its coming out of taxes. You can't say the insurance shouldn't cover it and then complain because your tax dollars are going to welfare/state benefits. If women can get birth control through their employers, then that cuts back in unwanted pregnancies, abortions, foster kids, child abandonment, and child abuse.
Rush Blimpo is not awsome.He's a criminal convicted of doctor shopping and a drug addict.
Is there any one interesting on tonight? Somebody to banter with.
I am so glad there is this forum to get your thoughts out to Jon Q Public.I hope the things I say in the future help people to grow and realize who we are as humans has to change before we can truly consider ourselves civilized...
hey sharea.... what you don't understand is the goal here is to either put a cap on the money our tax dollars go out to or prevent more of our money getting blown on bullshit! If a whore wants protection, she can waddle her fat ass down to the abortion clinic and get some there. I shouldn't have to pay for someone else's convenience!
what dose it matter?Your money is going to get blowin on bull shit like it or not, and if Americans bitch about it and it dose not happen today,Tomarrow They will attach it as a rider on a highway bill going through congress house or senate in a midnight session.They constantly wave the American peoples money in there faces to keep you focused on something so you don't see the criminal shit there pulling behind your backs. And the idiots in this country fall for it every time, day after day month after month year after year decade after decade and century century.who ever Colt Seavers is I was not even thinking about or talking about money caps.I'm talking about the criminal Bull shit the government is involved in all over the world the way they practice government all over the world that makes other country's hate us.The shit the Americans eyes are closed to because they hide there dirty little secrets so well.Wake up use your head for more then growing hair and holding your eyeballs in.You may be able to see but you are blind because you are to dam worried about the penny's in your pocket.stop letting the god all mighty dollar control your
lives and your mind!
At least Bill Maher states facts, unlike the republican party and the 1%rs like Rush Limbah and others in the media who cant stand the truth.I am beside my self with republican's like George W Bush who are nothing less then tyrants and a criminals and people who support them.They put this country and its people in dire straits and send us to unneeded wars predicated on lie's.And still you stand beside them and back them.Middle class america wont pay for birth control but you will pay higher taxes so the one percent dose not have to. And all the while they become more wealthy, you go broke and you family's suffer, and still you wont see what the republican party is all about.Making the rich and wealthy richer and wealthy'er while you go broke helping them.You deserve what you get.Bend over idiot's your must like catching it up the rectum because there sticking it to you and you support it.
I love my country and would fight to the death to take it back from the tyrants and criminals who govern and police it now.
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