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Every rose has its thorn
Every rose has its thorn

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For people wanting to try their hands at post processing, I offer this shot of moored ships. I have edited the photo already, and the result can be seen here:

I am pleased with my result, but am curious to see what others would make of it. Just as I am curious to your opinions on my edit. What parts of the edit do you like, or dislike?

If anyone is interested, I can post what I during post-processing.

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I never thought of sharing this, as I did not think much of the photo. I was just experimenting a bit with slower shutter speeds and motion blur. But I think the blurry picture fits well with the topic Brandy picked.


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I might have posted this one before, not sure about that. But it still fits the topic well.
Shot at the Archeon during a demonstration of a gladiator fight.


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I know this is too late for the competition, as I was away for work, but can still show what I would have posted for the tree topic that +Law Wolf gave.

The photo was made in Uganda and I made it as it to me the single, lonely tree at the horizon gave a nice impression of how empty the area can be. Of course it would have worked better without the animals there. :)

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Quarterly selection: April

The very first post in this category is to announce my selection for April.
This is +julie breeland photo of people working:

I do really like the warm colors, the activity, for me this photo simply "works".
So this will be the first contestant in the first quarterly prize.

To explain: I will select a photo posted in May and one in June. All members are after that allowed to select which of those three they like most. The winner of that vote will be receiving an Amazon gift card.

Today I changed +Brenda Hoffman from moderator to co-owner.

First of all, she deserves it (she definitely makes better photos than me, hehe).
Second, as you might have noticed I was not online much last week. I was away to Indonesia for work.
Soon I again will be traveling for work and will have limited access. Personally I think it gives a bad impression if the owner(s) of a community does not participate.
So I felt that Brenda should be co-owner, instead of "mere" moderator, as she is the one that keeps this community going when I am unable to.

And hopefully tomorrow W will be able to go over all that I missed. :)

We have our bi-weekly contest, and I think that is going fine. At least I like it. So I do not want to change that. I do like to add some, though.

I was thinking of another competition. This would be quarterly. And all you need to do is post photos. Every month I will select a photo that I find particularly interesting posted in that month. At the end of the quarter, the three I selected can be voted on by all. The photo getting most votes is the winner of a 15 euro Amazon gift coupon.
Sorry, no huge prize, as I am not that rich. It's just a small recognition for being voted photo of the quarter and from me a thank you for participating. My photos are excluded (I won't select mine, hehe), nor can you vote on your own photo if it is selected.

To complement that, I also will pick one photo or comment every quarter from the sections photo critique or post-processing, where I feel that contributed to the discussion about photography in one way or the other. That person will receive an Amazon gift coupon of 10 euro. Again, not a big amount, but mostly as a thanks from me to you.

The current quarter is 11 days old already, but that leaves plenty of time for showing off those mad photos.

Note: if you do not want the gift, I will donate the money to the WWF, or a charity of your choosing, if it accepts PayPal for payment.

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I had no inspiration for the current topic, until I saw this picture I recently made at my local zoo. I mean: these are it's feet, right?

I made the photo while testing out my new 35mm prime lens. And as it has an aperture of f/1.8 I could keep the ISO at a reasonable 1000, giving not too much grain, I think.

So, here is my contribution for this topic.


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A while ago I suggested this challenge and never came to it myself, but finally I have some photos of a well known spot in Rotterdam.
Of course, as most will not be from the Netherlands I am aware this could be a real challenge for the people guessing where/what it is. And somehow I think this first photo is not very helpful, but perhaps someone has a guess.
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