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The AOSPA-Legacy team needs your support. 
Please go to the following link: 


M7 users click here:  https://plus.google.com/111629271059352473969/posts/E2NHNLh3R18

Demanding us to support a device that we don't own is not feasible. We don't support devices without being able to run them. Maintainers are essential to build up or support list

If you would like to support a device and have adequate knowledge of git and compiling, view this guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1863547

Any questions about errors for non-nexus devices should be posted on device’s xda thread or the legacy community

Note: A newer version of the build guide is being worked on for 4+, however the current guide is still valid

Downloads: http://goo.im/devs/aospa_legacy

Mirror: http://aospal.hostingsharedbox.com/aospal/roms/

Supported devices

a510 - Acer Iconia Tab a510
a700 - Acer Iconia Tab a700
d2lte - Samsung Galaxy s3 (U.S Variants)
dlx - HTC Droid DNA
d80x - LG G2 (GSM)
enrc2b - HTC One X+ (International)
evita - HTC One X (U.S.)
falcon - MOTO G (non-Dual Sim)
galaxysmtd - Samsung Galaxy S
gee/geeb - LG Optimus G
GT-N5100 - Note 8.0 (3G)
GT-N5110 - Note 8.0 (Wifi)
hercules - Samsung Galaxy s2 (T-Mobile)
*hlte - Note 3 (U.S. Variants)
i605 - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon)
i9100 - Samsung Galaxy s2 (International)
i9300 - Samsung Galaxy s3 (International)
i9500 - Samsung Galaxy s4 (International, non-lte)
jflte - Samsung Galaxy s4 (U.S Variants)
l900 - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint)
ls980 - LG G2 (CDMA)
m7 - HTC One (U.S. Variants)
moto_msm8960dt - Moto X (U.S. Variants)
**moto_msm8960 - http://goo.gl/CTKkXp 
n7000 - Galaxy Note
n7100 - Galaxy Note 2 (International 3G only)
odin - Xperia ZL
p880 - LG Optimus 4X HD
skyrocket - Samsung Galaxy s2 (AT&T)
togari - Xperia Z Ultra
v500 - LG Gpad 8.3
vs980 - LG G2 (CDMA)
yuga - Xperia Z

* - currently does not compile
** - too many devices to list under one device name
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