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New update to #Boxee TV box: http://support.boxee.tv/entries/22295957-boxee-tv-release-notes Yay! Hope they keep the promise of no more crashes and better recording playback.
Boxee TV - Version What’s new in this version ( We are very happy to say that we've gotten to the bottom of the crashing. With...
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It looks like this is from November 1, not all that new unfortunately.
Nov 01 looks like the date when the page was originally created. There have been 3 updates since then. The latest one above is from this week.
Time to blow off the dust and see if its anything good. :(
I could watch a recording of Futurama without buffering. That can be called an improvement ;-) other than that I haven't had enough time for testing yet. At least it gets better as the initial experience was beyond funny.
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