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A bunch of the reporting I need to do requires data across time to be normalised as a percentage of the total (eg. sessions from the UK as a % of total sessions). Is there a way to do this in GDS? I don't see one?

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Sad to hear Google is deprecating the Google Drive web hosting features ( We use this extensively in our business to share links to web pages and emails that we are creating internally. Sadly, this makes Drive less useful in our business.

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Can you PLEASE just fix the one-to-one link between a Google(+) Profile and an Google Account. Anyone who's worked at a few companies with Google Apps and their own Google+ profile probably has 2 or more Google+ profiles (I currently have 3). It's silly and IMO a big reason why Google+ has failed.

I should be able to link one (or more) Google Account to one Google Profile. I don't have multiple Facebook accounts and I shouldn't have multiple Google Profiles (even if I have more than one Google account / email).

It seems I'm not alone in having issues with Chromecast dropping off the network regularly. 

I have a Chromecast and two wifi APs (upstairs and downstairs). They are both set to the same SSID, but on different (specific) channels that don't overlap. One is the main router and is a Billion 7800n, the other is a small access point, the Billion 3100sn.

I use Youtube, Plex and Google Play Music primarily from various devices, such as Nexus 7, HTC One (M7), Ipad Gen 3. I regularly (daily, sometimes hourly) need to power cycle the Chromecast for it to appear as a device on the network.

It's driving me insane. I'm pretty sure I've tried everything I can find out and about on the 'net. Anyone have some suggestions?

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One for the plane nerds
This is awesome -- inaugural flight! I landed at SFO in an Airbus 380 last fall -- it's an incredible aircraft... Pilot's View of Airbus A380 approach and landing at San Francisco (via

Is the G+ team going to open the photo section up a little more anytime soon? It's such a walled garden at the moment it's difficult for me to integrate into my daily lifestyle.

eg. I use IFTTT to auto post photos from my Instagram feed (that has specific tags) to my family blog (great for kids photos etc). This is currently impossible on G+ that I can find? I can't even go to the web interface to 'share' my photo and push it anywhere (anywhere but G+ that is).

I 'get' you want people to use G+, but the walled garden approach is stopping me from adopting the service (and sure I'm not the only one). It'd be great if we could have tools in photos to share them out to other services and APIs so other services could access them (like IFTTT). It'd make the auto upload from Android actually useful rather than just  a handy backup it currently is (for me at least).

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Pretty mad usage of Google Glass. See what it's like to produce 'Tech News Today' from the control center. Nice!
What's it like to TD a show at TWiT through Google Glass

I recorded my POV while I did my Technical Director duties for last Friday's episode of +Tech News Today. Watch, if you dare. This is what it's like to be the TD for the show. (But compared to this video, I get a bit less of the sea sick feeling when I do it IRL.)


#throughglass: Jason TD's Tech News Today (episode 756)
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