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+Marcin Stepien​...Ask and you shall receive! ;-)

+João Dias...Any plans for developing for Android TV?  More specifically, any plans on developing for the Nexus Player?  Or, would AutoCast be enough?

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I might keep this one for a while. There's no place like home. #ChiCity 

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Clock: Zooper Widget Pro (Rx Series)
Icons: Twint 
Wallpaper: I just did a Google search for TV static because I thought that would look good with the icons.

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A nice opportunity to get some nice icons from a nice developer. 
Hello Friends,


Its been six months since i have been making apps and all you amazing friends have supported my work in all the way possible i thank all of you for that

I have decided that i will be giving 3 of my most sold icon packs with at least 1350 icons minimum for free to EVERYONE yes you read it right EVERYONE Who follows just 3 simple steps

1, +1 the post
2, Re-Share this post
3, Add me to your circle (in-case u havn't yet)

Below are the names of the icon pack and links to play store




Links to the apps will be shared to My circle on 01-08-2014 for download

Lets make this big help me reach as many as we can

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My first real attempts at taking a good pic with my M8. I really like the foreground edit once I focused on the building in the back. 
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Quick question...Can AutoPebble work in tandem with Tasker to emulate Pebble Dialer?  I'm having a problem loading the 2.0 beta of Pebble Dialer and it just hit me that I might be able to recreate the same functionality with AutoPebble.

I have a question that hopefully someone can assist with. I have a new Pebble that I'm about crack open soon. I've had this idea in my head about creating profiles based on whether I'm on home wifi, work wifi or driving with different AutoPebble lists for each one.

My question is this...can I get the AutoPebble app to open on the watch automatically based on Tasker variables or do I need to manually open the AutoPebble app on the watch each time?

Thanks in advance for helping out a Pebble newbie! 

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My inner geek loves things like this... 
WIN A PEBBLE with DKC Home Automation ( and AutoPebble(!
To celebrate the release of AutoPebble we are doing a giveaway where you can win a brand new Pebble/Pebble Steel (you choose which one you want)!
All you have to do to participate is:
- share this post publicly. With it share this awesome video by Doug Gregory where he shows how you can easily use AutoPebble and AutoVera to control all of your Z-Wave devices with your Vera, for full-on home automation from your wrist.
- Comment on this post so we can know that you shared the video

In 2 weeks we will randomly pick a winner out of all the participants. Good luck and share, share, share! :) 
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