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The #Clippers can't catch a break

#theScore #NBA

#ChrisPaul to miss 6-8 weeks with torn thumb ligament
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Yep. Since 1989.
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#Cowboys nation, it's a disappointing finish but let's build on a good season, and improve the defense to championship level next season.

But what a game though, very entertaining.


Watch: Crosby's 50-yard FG as time expires sends #Packers to NFC title game
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What a bozo we have elected, shame on you #Trump. Just because some one protests/disagrees with your election, you don't have to lash out and attack them - news flash moron, you'll be doing that for the next 4 years.

The majority of us don't like you, just grow up and try to act presidential, that is, if you're capable of it.

#CivilRights #JohnLewis #BBC #MLK
Social media users rally round a US rights activist caught up in a row with the president-elect.
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#USAToday #FirstChildren #Bush #Obama #Time

Bush girls write emotional letter to Obama kids

After one of the most bitterly fought presidential elections of recent memory, where bipartisan unity of any kind has been hard to find, one bright spot has been the warm relations between the Bush and Obama families.

"You are about to join another rarified club, one of former First children."
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A longtime tech exec shows what happens when big minds take on big problems.
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Andre Andraos

Packers 🧀 @ Cowboys ⭐️ Divisional Sunday 34-31 Final  - 
First that is a stupid thing to say - you're undermining the coaching staff.
My Cowboys lost, IMO, because the defense is not at a championship level. They did the best they could with the players they have - their front 7 is average at best (the team rankings are inflated by the Cowboys effective and dominant offense) - they can't generate a good pass rush and are not a shut down defense that can get a stop when it matters.

I say go out and draft a very good strong ILB (Lee is situational players at best) and a couple of solid, disruptive inside defensive linemen.

#Cowboys #Packers #NFL #CBSSports #JerryJones
With Rodgers leading the charge, the Packers jumped out to a 21-3 lead
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+Odezy Beckhummice janior​ , she's just butt hurt..... Lmao
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Andre Andraos

Game Day Discussions!  - 
Ouch. CLE 91 - 126 GS

#NBA #Warriors #Cavs #theScore
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Andre Andraos

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Interesting article about #BoJackson

#BoKnows #USAToday

Bo Jackson: 'I would have never played football'

Bo Jackson, the world’s greatest living athlete, and the only man to be an All-Star in baseball and a Pro Bowler in football, now has a confession to make.

Knowledge of head injuries alarms former Heisman winner.
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Andre Andraos

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OK this may or may not be true, let's not get into whether the info is real or not, who knows.

My concerns here is his statement:

"...both Democrats and Republicans - FAKE NEWS! Russia says nothing exists."

He blindly trusts, or presents, that Russia denied it, so he believes what Russia says. But he doesn't believe our own people in intelligence, his own American citizens.

Your thoughts! And why is he bent out of shape if this is not real.

#USAToday #Trump

Trump's 6 a.m. tweetstorm lashes out at intel, Clinton

Donald Trump is again denying allegations contained in a once-secret dossier prepared by a retired intelligence officer — and throwing in an attack on 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton for good measure

Another tweet storm on allegations out of Russia — and Hillary Clinton.
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Andre Andraos

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Deflategate's Textgate: Pats staffers' texts paint picture of Brady's role

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Great falafel sandwich. Been back few more times, the Philly gyros was a treat. Looking forward to going back and try the burger sandwich.
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Great catering food and inexpensive. Haven't dinned in at the restaurant, but I highly recommend their catering business. We ordered our Christmas dinner, it was delicious and very affordable.
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I tried the Falafel sandwich, it was delicious. I would give 5 * had the falafel been cooked for 1.5 minutes more. I'll definitely be going back again.
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