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Does anyone else notice that even when you have the option to bypass the lock screen as soon as you try to go to another app the lock screen pops back up?
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That's how it's supposedly to work...

It's android security, the other app need support to bypass lockscreen too, if you want open them without unlock the device. 
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Andras LOHF

Feature Requests  - 
Seeing as the app is already using notification access the home screen should show music playing cards when music is already playing when the app opens. As it is no matter if music is already playing or not you need to go to the music tab then go back to the home screen before the currently playing track is showed.
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That should probably count as a bug
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Andras LOHF

Discussion  - 
Just wanted to say thanks for this great app. I look forward to seeing where this goes as the only app I miss from a non Nexus phone is a good car app. Hopefully all these requests don't get you down. Great job.
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Andras LOHF

Discussion  - 
New Play Services update seems to have fixed the system update service wakelock.
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I was able to install but then started having issues with other Google apps.
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Andras LOHF

Request  - 
To mods. Have you guys already been sent the systemui.apk, settings.apk, and framework.res for Euphoria ROM? If not I can send them to you. There are many things not themed.
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Cool deal!
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Andras LOHF

Setups & Themes  - 
Are there any themes out there have everything theme'd for Euphoria? Seems like everyone I've tried is missing at least Touch Control and the OTA screen.
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Flat midnight is my favorite plus it have different colors
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Andras LOHF

Discussion Area  - 
Any chance of getting the transparency killed on the folders and app drawer on GEL? I know this isn't a material theme per se, but transparency really doesn't fit with Lollipop UI in general.
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+Andras LOHF sorry for the delay in response, I completely missed looking at the Discussion area. No, I won't place back the grey drawer background, most people do that and it looks great when you have a custom wallpaper.
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Andras LOHF

commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly  - 
Leave it to YouTube for the armchair recording engineers to chime in as if their opinion matters. 
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+Andras LOHF I understand that, and I agree. I'm super psyched for the new album. I have to admit, I agree with those who are kind of disappointed by the engineering, but I am so excited for a new album. I still really dig the song.

I love Arcturus, and their album is actually being released on my birthday. It's going to be a wonderful day, indeed.
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Andras LOHF

Nexus 5 (Hammerhead)  - 
Does anybody here use a wireless charger???

On the newest build I am getting a powermanagerservice.broadcast wakelock after taking the phone off a wireless charger. I performed a clean flash when the new build dropped Sunday. I just got finished flashing the new factory image, then clean flashing the new build again and am still getting the wakelock.
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+YANG D I'm not getting the standard wireless charging sound either. I went into Sounds/other sounds and turned on Charging Sounds from there for the time being. I'm just going to hold out hope that when I clean flash on the next build released that the bugs will be gone.
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Andras LOHF

Nexus 5 (Hammerhead)  - 
Has anyone who updated to the new play services started getting the system update service wakelock?
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