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Andrés Soler
The Breath of Life
The Breath of Life

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I'll wind up exactly where I belong
Call it a crazy day, call it a desperate day. You try to follow the plan as much as you can. Your life is hanging in the rope of fortune. You just need to be lucky enough to find the right exit. Money is the purpose of routine determination. Passion is what...

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This is just a small tribute to a great movie!
¡Un pequeño tributo a una gran película!
‪#‎Disney‬ ‪#‎Pixar‬ ‪#‎InsideOut‬ ‪#‎Intensamente‬ ‪#‎Illustration‬ ‪#‎Feelings‬

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I do
I am now ready to face the truth, ready to face the fact that life can change without noticing you about it, when you preach about something you are supposed to apply it in your own life, it is so hard to let go things in your life because they matter so mu...

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Seeking again
Following paths, searching for something that is so uncertain that we never know when to feel really complete, making yourself believe that you are doing it right seems sometimes not working at all. You work in creating long and strong relationships in your...

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Yes, I want to
What is a double life when it comes talking about love? Feeling and falling for no reason, just trying to understand what is going on in your heart, I get scared, I get drown, I get over and get mad when it is so hard to do what you want. Why can I just hav...

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Is now or never
Should it be feeling better? I'm just diving on chaos waters aiming to nowhere, feeling my feet naked on the grass but at the same time it is like it's burning off my soul. Somehow I tried to realize how it would be to gain what you deserve, but even when t...

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Just one more lick!

These tattoos are as weird as are their owners.
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