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Information theory describes fundamental limits on how much we can compress data and our ability to communicate. Surprisingly, it's deeply connected to machine learning -- often, information theory is essential to describing what it means for ML systems to do well. In fact, information theory turns up in all sorts of improbable situations: quantum mechanics, genetics, thermodynamics, and even gambling.

Information theory gives us powerful ideas. It gives us ways of measuring and expressing uncertainty, how different two sets of beliefs are, and how much an answer to one question tells us about others. Unfortunately, these ideas are often seem kind of intimidating.

Google intern +Christopher Olah has written a completely visual introduction to information theory in his personal blog, in which he lays out these ideas in an accessible way. Head to the link below to learn more.
I love the feeling of having a new way to think about the world. I especially love when there's some vague idea that gets formalized into a concrete concept. Information theory is a prime example of this. Information theory gives us precise language for describing a lot of things.
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Lean. Lean. Lean.
Much writing by Holocaust survivors does not quite tell a tale, but Levi had a powerfully narrative imagination. Credit Photograph by Jillian Edelstein / Camera Press / Redux
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Como decía don Alfonso Reyes comentando la forma en que ciertos escritores y estilos caen en desgracia con el paso de las generaciones y las veleidades del gusto juvenil: “Cuando un sistema de expresiones se gasta por el simple curso del tiempo y no porque carezca en sí mismo de calidad intrínseca, lo más que podemos decir es: ‘Lo que emocionó a los hombres de ayer, porque para ellos fue invención y sorpresa, a mí ya no me dice nada. He absorbido de tal forma ese alimento, que se me confunde con las cosas obvias. Agradezco a los que me alimentaron y continúo mi camino en busca de nuevas conquistas’. Pero en manera alguna tendremos derecho de negar el valor real, ya inamovible en el tiempo y en la verdad poética, que tales obras o expresiones han representado y representan, puesto que en el orden del espíritu siempre es lo que ha sido”.
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Computer programmer... or so he says. Also, reader. Also, procrastinator.
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