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"Quando vejo os teus céus, obra dos teus dedos, a lua e as estrelas que preparaste; Que é o homem mortal para que te lembres dele? e o filho do homem, para que o visites?" Salmos 8:3,4
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Impressionante! Muito bom!
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I know about the policy regarding updates in Arch, that it'll be done when it's done, but linux kernel 4.1 was released 10 days ago, 4.1.1 is out a couple days, and neither are even in staging. Arch user since 2008, I don't remember a kernel update taking so long without notice or technical issues being raised in arch-dev-public. Anyone has news about it?
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Running smooth and clean in my i5-3210M so far. That took way longer than expected, but it's a voluntary work, so thanks for the devs and maintainers.
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Hoje tem Monstro estava com saudade
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Gourmetização da vida, versão: segregação do espaço. #camarotização #gourmetização
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Para especialista, o acesso das camadas mais populares ao que era exclusivo da elite fez com que a discriminação saísse do armário
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[LVM] testing lvm2 2.02.116-1 -> 2.02.120-1
After today's update of lvm2 and device-mapper from 2.02.116-1 to 2.02.120-1, together with kernel 4.0.4-2 to 4.0.5-1, after normal reboot, my VG didn't get activated on reboot, and I was thrown in init's emergency shell. I managed to complete boot after manually doing lvm vgchange -ay lvm, to force activate my VG, and exit to try to continue booting. Rebooting again gave me same issue. Has anyone else experienced same issue with new lvm2/dm/kernel in testing? Thanks.
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+Christian Hesse yeah. That's it. I was sure it was a bug, but as I've a little bit unusual layout, wanted to confirm here. Watching task. Thanks
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Genial, +fabio coala!
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Hi. I just tried to flash full BR retail stock rom OEM 5.0.2 over my 5.0 brazillian soak version, using stock recovery 41.18 (lollipop), but always, trying to first boot, I get stuck at Warning: Bootloader Unlocked screen. Did 4 times, with and without flashing gpt and motoboot, and still no progress. Following commands from XDA topics over this OEM images:
Anyone faced this issue? Anything I have to do before flashing this OEM image?
Trying to re-download image from another mirror.
Someon Can anyone confirm MD5, please?
hello all today i am going to share factory images of Lollipop 5.0.2 xt1033[Dual Sim]: Download Link xt1032[Single Sim]: Download Link Mfastboot: link Ste…
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pray for moto g :-(
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Thanks, Germany. Well deserved. #worldcup
Chegou a hora da grande final! Acompanhe Argentina x Alemanha ao vivo no Maracanã: #EstadãonaCopa #centraldofutebol  

Fotos: Efe e Reuters
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Have him in circles
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