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Martial Arts Training with a Smile
Martial Arts Training with a Smile

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Think horse stance is just for exercise. WRONG!

Check out my NEW video/article... then mount up and ride that horse to glory! :)


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Worried about brain damage? You should be!

It's crazy, but most martial arts do more damage to themselves in the dojo than any bad guy on the streets ever could!

Since talk about concussions has been in the news so much lately, I thought I'd share my advice on how to protect yourself from brain injuries when training in the martial arts.

This topic is no joke, so please make sure you're training in a way that builds you up instead of tearing you down.

Be safe, my friend!


#martialarts #karate #kungfu #tkd #selfdefense #kravmaga #kickboxing
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My interview with Stephan Kesting!

Stephan is one of the most popular and trustworthy resources for martial arts on the internet. He was actually my role model for starting my own website!

It's an honor to bring you this conversation on seeking challenges, dealing with injuries, and the benefits of martial arts training.

Be sure to check out Stephan's sites and his podcast, The Strenuous Life.


Keep fighting for a happy life! :)

#martialarts #bjj #selfdefense #karate #kungfu #taekwondo
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Want to hear an embarrassing story?

This is what happened when my ego trumped humility and crushed my hopes of winning a gold medal at a Science Fair...

...but the lesson changed how I approach martial arts forever!

Podcast and transcript for "I Don't Know!" on the site!

Keep fighting for a happy life! :)

#martialarts #success #selfdefense #inspiration
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NEW! My interview with Sifu TW Smith!

You might already know Sifu Tim as the host of Kung Fu Podcasts... but he's also a dedicated teacher of the Chinese martial arts.

I visited Sifu Tim's school in Raleigh, NC a couple years ago and it blew me away. I think you'll be impressed by what this man has to say and the "old school" traditions that he is keeping alive!

Join us for an inspiring chat about life, work, and happiness!

#martialarts #karate #kungfu #success #happylife
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Had a blast chatting about success and happiness with Sifu Randy Brown of Randy Brown MantisBoxers.

If you've got a few minutes to join us, I think you'll dig it!

Grab a cup of coffee and click below!

Keep fighting for a happy life!

#martialarts #karate #kungfu #selfdefense #happylife #success #podcast
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“As you probably know, there are many schools touting a ‘zero tolerance’ policy when it comes to violence.

Now, I’m not stupid. I understand that no principal will ever stand up and tell parents, “Hey—if your child is being bullied, we fully support their right to punch that bully in the face.”

But at the same time, any policy that makes a child who fights back in self-defense feel as if they’ve done something wrong is evil.

I can think of no more heinous lesson to teach a child than you are not allowed to protect yourself. You are not valuable enough to ever fight back against abuse.

Look—if you’re an adult and you choose to never raise a hand to anyone, even if you’re being beaten to death, even when people you love are being beaten to death, then so be it. I’ll send flowers to your funeral.

But to raise a child to believe that it’s wrong to fight back when their words have failed, when they can’t run away, when no one is there to protect them, that’s—I don’t even know what that is. There’s no word. AGHH!

Let me get this straight—you teach your child to brush their teeth to prevent cavities, but you won’t teach them to raise their hands to prevent punches?

You teach your child to eat their vegetables to defend against vitamin deficiency, but you won’t teach them to push and punch to defend against being slammed to the ground and cracking their head open?

You teach them to listen to their elders and respect authority, but you won’t teach them that it’s okay to speak up if those same authority figures hurt them or make them do something that makes them feel uncomfortable?


Hey—I’m an easy-going, live and let live, open-minded, tolerant kind of guy, but on this issue, there’s no way any of that is right.

Sending a child into the world unprepared to face the bullies and bad guys is a form of child abuse in and of itself.

Zero tolerance makes zero sense.”

Whew! 😅 For the rest of my rant, check out the full show below OR read the transcript here:

Keep fighting for a happy life! 👊🏼😊
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Injured? Depressed? I understand!

Injuries in the martial arts are a real bummer. But recovery time is still an opportunity to make progress... with the right attitude. :)

Check out this video for 3 tips to keep you moving forward when dealing with pain.

Article and podcast here:

Keep fighting! :)
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Add speed and power to your front kick with this simple drill!

I call it the “Free Fall Drill”.

The challenge is to kick with your front front without shifting your weight to the back foot.

Start by setting your feet close together, one in front of the other. Now lift your front foot, kick it out, and put it down. Feel the free fall?

Now make your stance a little wider and try again. Not easy!

Two details…

1) Only kick with the front foot. That's where most people have problems.

2) Only kick at waist height-- or lower! This drill puts a lot of pressure on the knees and ankles, so the higher you kick and wider your stance, the more risk you'll be taking.

If you can handle it, try this drill in a front stance or bow and arrow stance. When your center of gravity is down that low and your back leg is locked, there is no way you can cheat!

If you want an even tougher challenge, throw your front kick standing on one foot. No, not the foot dangling in the air… the foot on the ground!

This exercise is 100% pure free fall. I can’t kick any higher than the ankle! Can you?

If you want to torture yourself, try this simple routine…

Do four sets of 10 kicks on each leg. First set, feet close together. Second set, widen into a fighting stance. Third set, drop into a front stance. Fourth set, balance on one foot.

I don’t care who you are, if you do that routine, you’re going to feel it!

If you skipped the video and want to read more about this drill, check out the article:

Either way, enjoy the burn! :)

Keep fighting for a happy life! :)


Let's connect on Instagram, too!

WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.

#martialarts #karate #selfdefense #kicboxing #taekwondo #kungfu
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Do you keep your hands up when you throw a kick? Take another look!

Dropping the guard—either one hand or both—is a very common bad habit. Let me share a simple drill to help keep your hands up while you’re throwing kicks.

Video below... written summary here:

Keep fighting for a happy life! :)

#martialarts #karate #kungfu #selfdefense #kickboxing
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